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Actress Ruchi Gujjar Celebrates Republic Day with Children, Distributes Books under Shreeram Janhit kalyan Foundation

New Delhi: Renowned actress Ruchi Gujjar commemorated Republic Day with fervor and compassion as she joined hands with the Shreeram Janhit kalyan Foundation  to distribute books among underprivileged children. The event, held on January 26th, 2024, marked a heartwarming gesture towards empowering young minds through education and enlightenment.

Ruchi Gujjar, known for her versatile performances on screen, demonstrated her commitment to societal welfare by engaging in philanthropic endeavors. The initiative, spearheaded by the Shreeram Janhit kalyan Foundation, aims to foster a culture of learning and knowledge dissemination among children who lack access to educational resources.

Expressing her delight on the occasion, Ruchi Gujjar remarked, "Republic Day symbolizes the spirit of unity, equality, and progress for our nation. It is imperative that we extend our support to the future leaders of our society, particularly those who face socio-economic challenges. Through initiatives like this, we endeavor to sow the seeds of education and empowerment."

The distribution of books underscores the Foundation's dedication to promoting literacy and holistic development among children from marginalized backgrounds. The event not only imparted valuable learning materials but also inspired hope and aspiration among the young beneficiaries.

The Shreeram Janhit kalyan Foundation extends its gratitude to Ruchi Gujjar for her unwavering commitment to social causes and for her invaluable contribution towards nurturing a brighter tomorrow for the children of our nation.

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