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Taking the Plunge into Travel Fiction: Bungee Jumper-Entrepreneur Turned Author Niharika Nigam

New Delhi: In an industry almost saturated by self-help books, Niharika Nigam’s soul-searching travel fiction is an impossible breath of fresh air. Perhaps it is her own experience of bungee jumping that she weaves into the story, or her immaculate depiction of the vacuum and trepidation of the Pandemic years, now conveniently forgotten by most, that make reading “Joy of Missing Out” an experience one must not miss.

Elaborating on the catchy and witty title, Niharika says, “We’re always going to be missing out. There’s always other places to be, people to meet, and things to do. But maybe one of them is here, maybe the game is to truly be present and to juice as much life there is to juice out of it.”

The author channels the spirit of adventure and being in the moment in her own life as the Director of Business Development at Jumpin Heights, a Ministry of Tourism certified bungee jumping collective in Rishikesh and Goa. Her passion for adventure sports is visible in the articles she writes on major media websites. Follow her Instagram handle @the_nimki and you can see snippets of her taming wild heights along with curated lessons on all things life and lifestyle. Currently on tour for her book, her tour schedule can also be spotted on her feed.

When it comes to writing, Niharika already has articles on adventure sports published in various major media websites under her belt. But the pandemic, with its solitude and introspection, fueled her creative fire in another direction. As the world grappled with uncertainty, Niharika found solace in writing fiction—a sanctuary where she could explore love, loss, and the human spirit.

“Joy of Missing Out” beautifully captures the essence of purpose-driven work, the longing for belonging, and the meaning of home. Nanki Mehta, our relatable protagonist, grapples with a perfectly average life—a job she is good at, a cozy South Delhi abode, and a loving husband. But beneath the surface, she yearns for something more. The pandemic lockdown amplifies her existential questions especially in the face of tragedy and a demise of a world she once used to know. The lockdown world brings fear and insecurity on a level she hadn’t seen before and jolts her out of the matrix.

Through Nanki, we find ourselves asking and answering questions that haunt us – am I truly meant for what I am doing? Am I making the difference I want to make? Niharika Nigam shows us a possible future through Nanki, and indeed if we are brave enough to follow that path not often taken, the world might become a better place.

Curious readers can find her excellent book online on Amazon and in major bookstores. The author herself is far from elusive, a blessing for anyone who wishes to debate life with her on DMs, just as Nanki does with River. Catch Niharika Nigam on tour if you can and get a copy of “Joy of Missing Out” signed.

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