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Appreciate unveils Goals, a low-cost, zero-friction US ETFs basket for Indian investors

Mumbai:  Appreciate, a SEBI and IFSCA registered fintech company, unveils Goals, a customised basket of ETFs designed for smart retail investors seeking to diversify their portfolio globally with exposure to US markets. Goals’ constituent ETFs invest in globally reputed US companies along with US treasury offerings, helping the Indian investor target long-term growth along with capital preservation.

Designed on the same lines as a SIP, Goals channels investors’ contributions into a specially designed ETF basket seamlessly and without subscription, fixed remittance fee or withdrawal fee. In backtesting, Goals delivered high annualised returns by deploying a smart combination of equities, treasuries, gold, real estate funds as well as leveraging currency appreciation to its advantage. 

Goals 3-year Sharpe ratio — a metric used to measure returns on an investment adjusting for its risk — surpasses the average Sharpe ratio of the 50 top Indian mutual funds (with AUMs of over ₹1,000 crore). 

The average Sharpe ratio of Goals standing at 2.93 towers over these Indian mutual funds’ Sharpe ratio of 1.68. This makes the Goals Sharpe ratio 1.73 times higher than that of these Indian mutual funds. The elevated Sharpe ratio indicates that on a risk-adjusted basis, Goals delivers superior returns compared to mutual funds in India.

At the portfolio returns level, Goals returns categorically outpace the returns of many mutual funds. Including currency appreciation, Goals delivered 24.14% returns in the 1-year period, 9.49% in the last 3-year period, and 14.96% in the last 5-year period.

Goals is powered by Appreciate’s proprietary AI algorithms which offer smooth and friction-free tracking of capital growth with reminders and tools to increase savings every year. The AI-powered offering automatically rebalances portfolios at phased intervals after gauging volatility levels and overall portfolio performance. A brief questionnaire also helps the AI assess the investor's risk appetite. Prospective investment suggestions are calibrated to suit the individual's life goals and risk tolerance. Meanwhile, the SIP fosters a disciplined approach to investing, helping the investor build wealth over the long run.

“Goals opens up the gateway for millions of tech-savvy Indian investors looking to invest in the US markets. Before Appreciate arrived, investors looking to diversify their portfolio with exposure to US equities and treasuries were at a disadvantage as platforms offering low-cost and hassle-free access to the US markets were truly lacking in the Indian ecosystem. With the launch of Goals, Indian investors can benefit from SIP contributions which will compound wealth by averaging during different market outlooks” Subho Moulik, Founder and CEO of Appreciate said.

Appreciate Goals Performance (As of April ‘24)
Appreciate Portfolio (Goals)
1-year CAGR
3-year CAGR
5-year CAGR
Portfolio level returns (including currency appreciation)

Appreciate Goals Sharpe ratio vs Indian mutual funds:
3-year Sharpe ratio
Appreciate Goals
50 Indian mutual funds (AUMs over ₹1,000 crore)

The Appreciate platform provides a user-friendly interface, granting investors access to a comprehensive suite of financial tools, personalized investment recommendations, and expert insights. Appreciate’s AI-recommendations engine helps customers identify the right investments for them, based on key technical indicators and research made available on the Appreciate platform, at the click of a button.  

Appreciate's future offerings will extend beyond U.S. stocks, ETFs, and bonds to Indian mutual funds, Indian stocks, rupee fixed deposits, and other domestic financial investment products. The company plans to rapidly accelerate its domestic product offerings over the course of the year 2024, to fulfil its vision of being the financial destination for one billion Indians to achieve their financial goals.

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