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In some cities police has been conveying message of personal hygiene through songs 

yesterday I got this message (a true message) from a senior citizen in Chandigarh- “Police at Chandigarh is very caring for senior citizens. I received a call from Police yesterday, asking for if I am able to get all the needful- vegetables- fruits- medicines etc.

I told that though every thing is available but my eye drops are over and need to buy the same. In the next 10 minutes a police personnel was at my place. He asked me to take out my car and took me to a chemist shop by leading my car with his motor bike.

In the evening again these people came to my place, confirmed whether some one came to me or not, took a photograph of the medicine also saying that they are to report to their seniors about the service. Police gave another number and conveying of contacting them, if I need any help.

” One more interesting thing, these days reconstruction of my house at Sector 15 is under process and have shifted in Sector 35. I never entered into any rent deed, as the same is of one of our family friends and made me to stay in this house till construction is going on.

As no rent is accepted by these family friends, so no rent deed. I am yet confused how the police located my address in Sector 35 and my telephone number. Even in their first call to me, they specifically asked for me by my name (name withheld). Salute to Chandigarh Administration for such care for senior citizens.

It is not only me, they are calling every senior citizen for any help they require”. Above is not an isolated incident, similar friendly behaviour is now being seen at several places in India including Rajasthan. Another incident which has come to light is of a pregnant woman who went to a hospital in Punjab for her delivery but the hospital was locked. Two policemen passing by saw her in a miserable condition.

They immediately came to her rescue and took her to another hospital where she gave birth to a child. Just three days back there was a news about the help rendered by CRPF to a sick person from Rajouri district who suffered from a brain stroke. He was flown by the jawans in their Pawan Hans helicopter and taken to PGI, Chandigarh.

Not only this, his son who was working as a security guard in Mumbai and was travelling by his bicycle to meet his father in PGI, was also helped by CRPF. He was tracked in Gujarat and provided with food, mask, sanitizer, etc and a truck ride enabling him to reach PGI to be with his father. In Tamil Naidu Police has adopted a unique method of wearing ‘corona helmet’ as a symbol and using it to sensitize the people to maintain social distancing and other precautions.

In some cities police has been conveying their message of social distancing and personal hygiene through songs and music especially composed for this occasion. This was done in Mumbai earlier and recently seen in Kerala where police is seen doing ‘handwash dance’ to spread the message of personal hygiene.

In Rajasthan also police has been using different ways to send a polite message to the people about the need to take precautions. In particular Sri Ganganagar district police has composed a song on personal hygiene.

In several areas like Jaipur, Jhalawar and some other areas police has been engaged in distributing food items to the needy and poor as also distributing face masks, sanitizers etc Earlier at the beginning of the lockdown there were several incidents on social media about the high-handedness of police like beating and thrashing people who had ventured out of their homes . But now we see display of a benign and helpful attitude.

This is a very pleasing and welcome change from the traditional image of police in India. This image makeover has brought so much succour and relief to the helpless people confined inside their homes. Rather than feeling intimidated a citizen should feel safe in the presence of police. Such policemen and others on duty including doctors, health workers and other field staff need all our appreciation as they are doing a very tough job with long hours on duty and sometimes facing wrath of public also. We need to cheer them up as much as possible to keep their morale high.




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