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Zindagi Hai Khel … KoiPassKoiFail

Sunday is DDay! Not just for the political parties fighting the elections in the 5 states but all political parties as these results are being touted as the trailer to the Lok Sabha elections in 2024. It is high stress time for the parties and candidates in fray whose fate is shut in the EVMs. With the neck to neck race this time in most of the states, interest in the results is at an all time high and the ONLY topic of conversation in offices, homes, chai ki thadi, public transport and hospitals, even total strangers are engaging in interactive communication on this common topic. All India, rural and urban, regardless of age, religion, caste and creed will be glued to the screen today- be it TV or the smartphone.

Well, if you are not fighting the elections, then Sunday is going to be one of the most interesting days for you. But we must prepare well so that no glitches occur, though the recent World Cup has prepared us well on how-totips and to-do-list for a mega marathon in front of the screen. And please, no catching updates on your smartphone- submerge yourself in the flavour of democracy on this day.

Check that your Digital connection or DTH is all paid up and so is the electricity bill. Set up comfortable seating areas in front of the screen, (you will be seated for a long time and don’t want a crick in your back) and get up and walk around the room every half hour! You can also put up 2 screens – Keep one tuned in to Bharat24 for the results of MP, Chhattisgarh, Telanagna and Mizoram and to First India News for the results of Rajasthan.

Take out the newspaper cuttings kept so carefully to understand the dynamics of the seats of key contests as the results roll in with some blank pages and pen for the on-spot-analysis and number crunching. First India carried an all seats Quick View special on November 10 which is ideal for understanding Rajasthan. If you are really into social media, keep your phone charged and ready to post your POV immediately, speed is the key here.

Today, one day prior is Saturday and you can stock up on Food and drinks in advance as much as possible because Swiggy, Zomato, Blinkit and Instamart will be swamped. Plan the menu for breakfast and lunch today itself and do 90% prep so that minimum time is wasted in the kitchen. Snacking will be more than proper meals so plan a mix of diet, nutritious snacks and also some comfort food (you might need it)!

Now, everything is more fun when done together. So, invite a few ‘like-minded’ friends over so watch the results, make sure they are of the same political bent of mind as you are because emotions run high at this point and one really does not want to waste time on fruitless arguments and spoil a relationship. And if you are clear as to your political affiliation keep the flags, face paint and slogans ready to break-out.

And remember, regardless who wins in these elections, the true winner is and always will be democracy. We must not forget to celebrate the power of choosing our own government and being free to do so. Jai Hind!

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