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Water therapy takes over the monotonous floor exercises

Move away from your regular workout session and make space for aqua therapy or water therapy including aqua zumba. Not only does it help you burn double the calories, but is also a great workout, especially if you are a water baby.

Aqua therapy can be relatively new for some but this workout has existed for a while and is rather preferred for the numerous benefits it has to offer.

Water is an important part of maintaining good health, but the power of water can also be an important part of rehabilitation, says Indore’s aqua zumba instructor, Aarti Maheshwari.

“Aqua therapy or water therapy is an effective tool in the treatment of certain illnesses, ailments and injuries. It can also be used to help people prevent further injury and to promote health and wellness.

The major benefit of exercising in the pool is that the gravity eliminated environment reduces the stress on the joints and burns your calories double from a normal workout routine.”

So, how does working out in water have an impact on your body? To this, Aarti says, “Instructor Aarti says working out in the water helps in many ways as the water supports the body by putting less stress on joints and muscles.

Working out in water make your core strength stronger and fighting against the push and flow of water activate your muscles”

She further adds that exercising in water is very essential, especially for one suffering from back pain. “Water can provide you with excellent benefits if you are trying to heal a back injury by varying your normal back exercise routine.

Being in water provides a relatively safe environment for working out your muscles and stretching your body. It also allows you to do more than you would on land as it eliminates the constraints imposed by gravity.”

Your guide to water workout

  •     Warm up by walking in water for about 5-10 minutes.
  •     Gradually intensify strengthening and aerobic exercises for about 20-30 minutes, or more.
  •     To cool down, walk in the water for another 10 minutes or so.

(NOTE: Aqua zumba or any workout in the water should be done under an expert’s guidance.)

The red zone:

There are pros and cons of every situation; the same goes for water exercises as well. Water therapy is not suggested in case of heart disease, history of seizures, an active infection, or fear of water. In case of a medical condition, a doctor’s advice is a must before opting for this form of workout.

  •     Pain reduction
  •     Muscle relaxation
  •     Improved joint motion and flexibility
  •     Re-education of paralysed muscles
  •     Improved circulation
  •     Ease in ambulation
  •     Strengthening the weakened muscles
  •     Increase in power and endurance
  •     Reduction in swelling
  •     Enhanced recovery
  • Water therapy
  • monotonous floor exercises
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