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Vipassana is a Buddhist term which means “INSIGHT”. Gaining this penetration into your inner self requires cutting off all external stimuli. Hence, I chose Sikkim for my 3rd Vipassana. There were no familiar sounds, sights, or other sensory distractions to arouse my memory cells.

In the pristine mountains, this experience had a more impactful resonance. Without going into the excruciating physical discipline of this ancient practice, I want to dwell on its impact on one’s mind and senses. Vipassana teaches us to gain insight by observing our thoughts and emotions as unattached bystanders.

Toxicity in daily life is caused by unpalatable but necessary interactions with unfair and mendacious sources by overexposure to the ubiquitous TVs, Mobile phones, etc. By the intensity of the decibels that have gone beyond the pale of consciousness but are continuously echoing in our sensory channels.

How best to expunge this toxic trash and reset our lives on an even keel is the question that Vipassana has answers for. Vipassana brings tranquillity into life by attending exclusively to sensations and letting us experience the true nature of existence.

A change starts to come about within oneself physically, emotionally and intellectually. It is akin to letting your being flow in the river of life without offering resistance. You just observe the thoughts and emotions gurgling in the stream. The pain, the toxicity and the emotional baggage just dissolve.

My personal experiences, perhaps exclusive to me, are getting more intense with each round of Vipassana. But since humans are the aggregation of similar inner turbulences, albeit, in varying ratios, there is a common denominator that Vipassana addresses.

To continuously concentrate on the body and its sensations does provide insight into one’s true self. It lifts the fog on your life’s seeking. Disconnected from the outside world for 10 days, in total silence, avoiding even eye contact with fellow participants, gives you enough time to reflect on the futility of some of your actions.

Vipassana, for me, definitely underscores the fact that the great thinkers did construct a society in a faulty way.

The pursuits we indulge in are mostly self-serving and non-creative. Creating a world that is in harmony should be the cornerstone of human existence.

Lastly, a fact unknown to most is the incomparable and extraordinary contribution made by Late SN Goenka. He brought back to India this 2,500 old technique, introduced by Buddha. Late SN Goenka, originally from Churu in Rajasthan, is solely responsible for spreading Vipassana all over the world. Now millions around the world reap the benefits of this unique discipline by finding a deeper meaning in their precious lives. The world order would evolve into a magnificent utopia if all countries were to adopt this unique path to peace and wisdom. Vipassana is an INSIGHT that only the fortunate can experience. It originated in our land, and sadly, millions among us suffer avoidable mental agonies.

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