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Liger broke everyone’s hearts with the lousy film that it was. While the audience expected more from a pan-India film that would launch Vijay Deverakonda into a star, Liger was a huge disappointment. The film not only had a poor script but also was subjected to poor direction and poor cinematography from almost the entire cast. Amongst everything else, Ananya Panday was especially trolled for her poor acting and dialogue delivery. The audience went as far as to claim that the filmmakers should not have given her the role. Many also pointed to Vijay’s arrogance to be the reason behind its failure. The actor very arrogantly dismissed the Boycott trend and said that if people do not want to watch his movies, they shouldn’t.

Recently, Executive Director of Gaiety Galaxy and Maratha Mandir Cinema, Manoj Desai slammed the actor for his arrogant answer and claimed that he is the reason behind theatres being unable to collect revenue. Mockingly calling him anaconda, he said, “Why are you showing smartness by saying ‘Boycott our movie’? People won’t even watch it on OTT. Such behaviour of yours has put us in trouble and impacted our advance bookings. Mr Vijay, you are anaconda not ‘Konda Konda’. You are talking like an anaconda. ‘Vinaash kaale vipareet buddhi’, when the time of destruction inches closer, the mind stops working, and you are doing that. anyways, it’s your wish.”

This backlash does not come as a surprise as netizens had previously targeted the actor for dismissing the boycott trend. Claiming that people should give what he wishes for, netizens urged everyone to not watch the film.

Before this, Vijay had stated that the film will collect more than Rs 200 crore in a rather overconfident statement. Despite being the biggest opener of the year, Liger’s revenue for the second day slipped down to less than half of what it collected previously.

It seems that the trolling of Ananya will not die down for a while as well. Twitter users have taken one dialogue from the movie to their heart and are dragging the actress for saying it in the film. During a scene, Ananya’s character, Tanya, claims that she will go to Hollywood to start her acting career. The audience did not take the dialogue lightly as many taunted Ananya to improve her acting in Bollywood, first.

It is not a good idea to show off your arrogance when in front of an audience. Because the people that make you, have the power to break you as well. But many times, stars forget this phenomenon and are always taught this lesson in the most brutal way.

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