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Bollywood actor Vidyut Jamwal, actress Shivaleeka Oberoi along with Director Faruk Kabir were in the city of Nawabs on Wednesday to promote their upcoming flick Khuda Haafiz: Chapter-II-Agni Pariksha where the lead actor's first sentences in a press conference were: "During the first chapter, I was promised mangoes from Malihabad, where are they?"

After this, Jamwal reveals that a part of Khuda Haafiz Chapter-II was also shot in Malihabad near Lucknow, which is famous for its Dussehri mangoes. Even Shivaleeka Oberoi could not stop her from praising the love she got from Lucknow and Lucknowites. "We shot the Khuda Haafiz (I) during the Covid-19 lockdown, but it was amazing being here in the city. If I talk about Nargis, the female lead of the flick, the character has changed my life because of the intensity she brings along", she adds.

Vidyut revealed that he plays the role of a common man, who knows everything, goes through all the pain, but cannot do anything to get rid of it. "But sometimes the pressure is too much to handle, and then things go haywire. As the plot says, a man could go to any extent to get his missing daughter back and this is where the simple man takes a uturn and gets furious", he adds.

Talking about the locations that have been shot in Lucknow, Director Faruk Kabir said that there are a lot of scenic locations in the city and have been repeatedly shown in different movies, but this time Khuda Haafiz Chapter-II will show some locations that have never been shown before. " We explored the city and then chose some places, which were unexplored by the B-town until now", he says.

Mental fitness is much more important, says Vidyut Jamwal while talking to First India, because there are people who have a lot of money and then they look very fit too. Still, they are not happy. Therefore apart from physical fitness, more emphasis should be laid on the mental fitness of a person.

Die-hard Lucknow fans of Vidyut Jamwal, who try practising everything that the star does and proudly call themselves ‘Jamwalians’ also came to the event to get clicked with the star.

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