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The scintillating evening in the mesmerising land of historical monuments and the country’s capital. Delhi is fairly jaded by fashion week, and with no surprise, the city has mastered how to retain its identity while playing host to the biggest style personalities. Following the fashion trend, the mega fashion extravaganza India luxury lifestyle fashion week took place at Alliance de Francaise, Delhi, to utilise its enormous experience and skills in converting artists into confident and affluent victors in life. An experiential fashion week is a platform which provides an opportunity for fresh faces and talent and gives them exposure to working with established faces of the industry. It is jointly run by Gaurav and Sid Tomer. This season of the mega fashion week took place at Alliance de Francaise, Delhi supported by Santanu Bose.

India luxury lifestyle fashion week showcased designers like Shreyansh, and Arshi Singhal, and more than 35 designers from Janki Devi vocational centre College. Janki devi vocational centre was also titled an educational partner and provided an opportunity to students backstage with designers and models. There was a 3-day boot camp organised with the support of Janki devi vocational centre and groomed by senior models like Saud Khan, Siddharth Sharma and Monika Swami.

The Grandfinale was done by label Mehraab - by Arun Ahuja & John Marya. The grand finale witnessed a wonderful collection which was appreciated by the audience and ambassadors of various embassies. The Grand Finale was directed by famous Show Director Abhimanyu Singh Tomar. Grand Finale was high on energy and supermodels like Saud Khan, Parth Dutta, Monika Swami, Priyanka Khatri, Zara Sheikh from Style Skool and many more.

“Fashion is meant for everyone including all three genders of society and hence opportunity was provided to LGBT section as well “ Gaurav Gupta, founder of India luxury added. On the other side, Sid Tomer added “Fashion is just like a food menu and hence should be changed in every season “ Yash Jangid shot the beautiful grand finale show of Mehraab.

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