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The six yards of elegance aka an heirloom synonymous with the history and heritage of India, Saree, is the epitome of beauty, grace and timeless fashion.

Saree has come a long way, from being the luxe garment of the royals to being the style statement of politicians and actresses.

The saree has been an international part of the red carpet fashion as well. The ongoing 75th Cannes film festival saw Deepika Padukone don Sabyasachi's Bengal Tiger Couture Sari, by the French Riviera which garnered praise as well as trolls.

So, City First talked to fashion experts about the appeal of the timeless eternal drape of saree nationally and internationally.

AKSHITA VOHRA a fashion influencer, talked about Deepika's Sabyasachi look at Cannes and said, “First, the saree is nine yards of elegance and it represents India in its truest form. This is the reason time and again it is chosen for huge events like Cannes. Be it in a deconstructed or its original form, the best way to represent your country is wearing Indian designers along with making a mark each time. Deepika was one of the nine Jury Members and wearing a saree, she represented her country while slaying the retro look.”

RUCHI VERMA a fashion designer said, “Sarees are appealing and eye-catching. Indian influencers and celebrities are proudly adorning them on the international red carpet of Cannes 2022. Much talked about Deepika Padukone's look was a perfect blend of Indian paired and styled in a modernised manner. Today sarees can be paired with DIY blouses or corsets or even jeans. With the right accessories, it can look Indian, modern or mix both and make it indo-western.”

SRISHTI ARORA a fashion stylist talked about sarees' appeal and said, “I think when one represents their country at a global platform like Cannes, they want to represent culture. And celebrities like Shabana Azmi, Sonam Kapoor, and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have stood testimony for sarees as the perfect choice. She added, “With a contemporary saree look, I think the approach should be ‘Less always being more’. Accessories can be very dainty and minimal with strong lip colour and heels. And as for a traditional saree, add some beautiful big earrings, nude tone footwear, with a coloured eye.”

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