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The Mesmerizing Grand Canyon

Rajasthan rejuvenates in the monsoon season. Tourists from all across the country have a major reason to visit the Land of Maharajas.

Many regions in the state transform from arid desert to verdant greens with just a few showers of rain. The Garadiya Mahadev temple is one such example. Not many people are aware of this picturesque temple dedicated to Lord Shiva that barely lies 30 km off the city of Kota.

It is a tad remote, but if you are someone who is yearning for a dose of tranquillity, a trip to Garadiya Mahadev is more than aggregable.

The place is actually inside the Mukundra Tiger reserve on NH76. At the park’s entrance, you have to get your id’s checked and pay a small entry fee.

The gravel road that leads to the temple does not look too promising. It is rocky, barren land with nothing but a few shrubberies sprouting through the stones.

Once you reach the actual site, the place may appear oddly familiar. The beautiful gorge shaped canyon looks like a modest version of the Grand Canyon in the USA.

You might also recall seeing the place in the commercials of Rajasthan tourism. It doesn’t come as a surprise why this remote, devoid of tourist place is the face of the tourism of the state. 

What’s so special?

The place offers a great vantage point of the river Chambal and the valley below at an altitude of 500 feet. From this spot, you can see the river flowing between the gorge in a striking hue of teal enveloped by clear blue skies.

The river snakes and meanders through the valley and turns to make a horseshoe bend for a picture-perfect view. There are gigantic cliffs that are curling around the gorge.

These cliffs are meticulously carved by the flow of the river Chambal, similar to the Grand Canyons that are carved by the Colorado River.

To add to the beauty, the reflection of trees growing on the cliffs is mirrored in the water. During the rainy season, Garadiya Mahadev looks even grander with numerous waterfalls cascading through its gorges.

The river Chambal and its surroundings have been infamous. There are many dark myths associated with it keeping human settlements away from its banks.

The solitude evokes a sense of adventure and thrill. This place is perfect for nature lovers, writers or artists who can sit for hours absorbing the serenity of nature and find inspiration. Since it is pretty secluded, it is advisable to carry your food.

The scale of Garadiya Mahadev might be much smaller than the Grand Canyons but its beauty and accessibility make up for what it lacks in its size. 

How to reach

You need to hire a cab from Kota to reach Garadiya Mahadev temple. The temple is on NH 76 towards Dabi and Chittorgarh. The region is under the control of the Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve.

Therefore, in addition to the taxi fare, visitors need to pay an entry fee as well. The entry ticket costs INR 75 for Indians and INR 500 for foreign nationals. Students can buy the same for INR 20 per person only after showing their college I-card.

If you are taking your car the fee is INR 200 per vehicle, INR 400 for bus, and INR 30 for a two-wheeler vehicle.

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