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The Glocal Mozart

Born and raised in Belgium, Kanika Patwari is an artist, entrepreneur, and environmentalist. As one of the original members of the Berklee Indian Ensemble, Kanika performed with A. R. Rahman. With Warner Music’s Runak Jhunak, she is all set to launch melodies in her native language. Read ahead to dive deep into the world of this Glocal Mozart. 

Q: Tell us something about Runk Jhunak. 
A: “Runak Jhunak” is one of the first songs I’ve written in Marwadi. The phrase ‘runak jhunak paayal baaje’ is often heard in Rajasthani folk songs. I wanted to give it a different twist, where it acts as a symbol for self-love and independence. 

Q: Please share something about your other vetures. 
A: My father’s philosophy of upcycling inspired me to create a project called MusicRecycle, encouraging the music industry to join the movement for sustainability and environment-consciousness.
Q: Why is Rajasthan so close to your heart?
A: Both my parents are Rajasthani. We would speak Marwadi at home and visit Rajasthan twice every year. I feel really connected to the place, the people, and the music. 

Q: What’s on your vision board next?
A: “Runak Jhunak” is now out for everyone to experience and celebrate. I hope everyone enjoys this song as much as we enjoyed creating it. I have so much more music to share and look forward to doing so soon!

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