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The much-anticipated and highly glamorous grand finale of Ms VogueStar India & Mrs VogueStar India and Fashion Week 2023, presented by Bharat24-Vision Of New India and organised by the illustrious VogueStar, was held at the luxurious Le Meridian Hotel on Sunday. Jagdeesh Chandra graced the event as the Chief Guest and uplifted the participants with his profound words of wisdom. During his address to the esteemed audience, he expressed his deep appreciation for the exceptional efforts made by Kirti Choudhary in promoting the exquisite world of fashion and showcasing unparalleled talent. With regards to the esteemed Bharat24-Vision of New India, he reassured the gathering that their relentless efforts will continue to provide a magnificent platform to uplift, empower and encourage the morale of the remarkable women of our nation.

The illustrious panel of judges presiding over the event was none other than the esteemed Abhimanyu Tomar, founder of Styleskool, the eminent Anjali Gupta, director of HIFT, the stunning Swati Kumar, ex-crown holder, and the remarkable Kavita Kharayat. The event was segregated into two grand categories - Miss and Mrs VogueStar. The Miss category saw the crowning of the stunning Divya Nehra as Miss VogueStar India 2023, with Saianki and Mehak Joshi securing the first and second runners-up positions, respectively. Two additional sub-categories also saw the crowning of Neshka Savera as Miss Rising Star VogueStar 2023 and Karishma Kakoti as Miss Congeniality VogueStar 2023.

The Mrs category was further divided into two segments, with participants aged between 18- 35 and 36-60 age groups. The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the felicitation of one of the groups by the resplendent Second Runners Up of the esteemed Elite Miss Rajasthan pageant, the radiant Sheena Parashar. The coveted Mrs VogueStar India title was clinched by Amrita Kumari Keshari from Goa and Sangeeta Pacchani from Assam, with Deep Kaur and Supriya Yadav securing the first runnersup positions and Ritu Salucha and Gullapalli Vinitha taking the second runners-up positions.

The event also featured two additional sub-categories - Mrs VogueStar Beauty with Brains, where Pooja Chauhan and Charu Verma were crowned and Mrs VogueStar Goodwill Ambassador, where Deepa Jaweri and Kirti Gulati Raizada emerged victorious.

The aim behind this brilliant categorization was to ensure fair competition and the inclusion of women across all age groups and relationship statuses to showcase their best and most authentic abilities. Elated by the incredible success of the VogueStar beauty pageant and fashion show, Kirti Choudhary, the visionary founder of VogueStar, expressed immense pride and satisfaction in seeing these talented women crowned after months of rigorous preparation. She praised the support of these women from across all age groups and reiterated her firm belief in creating equal opportunities for all women, regardless of their age, shape or size.

The grand finale, which was expertly choreographed by the talented Alison Woodham, displayed the incredible experimentation of the top fashion designers in both fabric and silhouette. VogueStar also invited budding and emerging fashion designers from across the country to represent their respective states during the event, with the 30 selected designers working tirelessly for months to create a stunning collection of exquisite jewellery and outfits. The event’s official jewellery partner was the renowned Sataara Fashions, which added a touch of sophistication and glamour to the already spectacular event.

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