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The colourful affair!

City First wishes its readers a very Happy Gangaur. May the festival of colours bring happiness and joy to your lives!

Gangaur is one of the most vivid festivals rejoiced with great enthusiasm and happiness all over the Indian state of Rajasthan.

The word ‘Gangaur’ signifies Lord Shiva and Parvathi together. But mainly, this festival is held in honour of Goddess Parvati as she is regarded as the epitome of marital love, strength, courage, power and excellence. The ritual is made colourful and joyous with the traditional folk songs sung in praise of Gauri.

The festival is altogether a very colour affair, which attracts a huge number of tourists. The cultural extravaganza associated with it starts on the first day of the Chaitra month.

It generally lasts for 18 days, as people in most of the regions start performing the rituals a day after Holi. Women put on their finest jewellery for the festival, and new, colourful sarees- often red, the colour of marriage in India.

They decorate the palms of their hands and feet with Mehndi. In some area, the women and girls fast during the festival, eating only once a day.

This festival also showcases that how the people are well connected to their roots and culture amid the modern culture and western impacts and are passing the rich tradition to their future generations.

  • Happy Gangaur
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