Thursday, December, 08,2022


A glance of glitz and g l a m o u r was witnessed in the fashion festival of Rajasthan ‘Kota city Audition of the ninth chapter of Elite Miss Rajasthan’. The grand Utsav of fashion was held at Maheshwari Resort, Bundi Road in the beautiful city of Rajasthan on Sunday. On the strength of confidence, style and talent, the girls tried to present a great image of themselves in front of the judges. Out of all these girls, Kota audition round winners, Priya Agarwal and Sonam Rathore made their place in the top 30. EMR founder and director Gaurav Gaur, Kota City director Ayush Vijay, Anupriya Vijay along with supermodels Rutwi Tiwari, Navya Tiwari, Tanu Chaudhary, Shrishti Khatri and Vanshika Bajaj were also present to examine all the participants in the audition. Director Ayush Vijay, who was present to judge the talent of Kota, shared that in the meantime, after Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaipur, a free audition round was organised on a grand level on Sunday at Maheshwari Resort on Bundi Road in Kota. During this, along with Kota, girls from areas like Sangot, Banswara and Pratapgarh displayed their skills. During which around 140 girls auditioned through registration and onspot registration. All the selected girls in the show will get a chance to directly participate in the final round. Before Jaipur, auditions for Jodhpur, Kota and Jaipur divisions have been conducted. The curtain will be lifted on all these top 30 finalists on October 10, while the finale of the show will be held in a grand manner in Jaipur on October 16.

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