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Tell us something about yourself.
I am a 23 years old, happy and cheerful person but emotional at the same time. I am a very easygoing person, and I guess people enjoy my company. I am a trained actor from a renowned film institute. Apart from acting, I love to do dubbing as well.

Where do you see yourself after the next 20 years?
I see that I would have worked with the people I admire like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Rajkumar Rao and most importantly Leonardo DiCaprio. Also would have created history by achieving an Oscar as an actor from India. And most importantly people would recognize me as a good actor.

How did your journey begin?
It isn't like I wanted to become an actor since the beginning but instead wanted to join the airforce and was preparing for it. Then one day I saw a movie name Raman Raghav 2.0 which changed my life. It was the movie that inspired me to become an actor. I started to explore more into Acting and got admitted to a film school and from there my real journey started.

What were some of the battles you fought and are still fighting in your journey?
If talking about the battle I didn't have any major obstacles when I started except for convincing my family. Here in Mumbai, it gets difficult cause I am having no contacts in this industry. But I knew I had to stay strong and still achieve my goals. "Though this is a lengthy process success is no accident," says Vishal Goswami.

Talk to us about your achievements.
Have worked in the Bollywood movie Mere Desh ki Dharti, in a few episodes of Mauka E Vardat, a few short films, 2 upcoming web series for OTT and a few theatre play

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