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Spectacular look

Fashionable geek glasses have been appearing on the catwalk ever since, which had a geek chic theme that perfectly demonstrated why being a fashion nerd is cool. Many fashionable celebrities all over the world have wholeheartedly embraced making a spectacle of themselves. 

But have you ever wondered what style defines glasses as geeky? A limited choice of style you may think! Well, have I got a surprise for you…There are six, YES, 6 types of nerd glasses so that’s a great choice of styles from which to choose from.

Wayfarer Nerd Glasses: Wayfarers seem to be the most popular style among glasses which has turned it into a foundation of trendy eyewear over the years. 

Clark Kent Glasses: They border a bit closer to the true nerd legacy and have no associations whatsoever to hipsters and bad boys. They are more close to home with reporters and the nerdy crowd, sometimes suggesting unique hidden powers

Browline Glasses: If you’re still unsure about Wayfarers, there’s also a semi-rimless frame type that can accentuate your style and flatter the shape of your face. This type is suitable for both men and women, however, they lean more towards the men’s side

Cat Eye Nerd Glasses: Who isn’t familiar with cat eyeglasses? These have a distinct shape and are considered to be very suitable for women. They have a timeless iconic style that has withstood the test of time in the sense of fashion. 

Rectangle Glasses: You cannot go wrong with choosing rectangle glasses for daily wear. They are stylish and can bring out the librarian-sexy-secretary vibe that is alluring.

Round Nerd Glasses: Blame it on Harry Potter and John Lennon, but these glasses are considered to provide a nerdy look also and have increased in popularity within the past decade. They are thought to boost your intelligence and allure when you want to present yourself as smart.

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