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India’s World Cup victory, celebrated with unprecedented fervor in Mumbai, unfolded like a thrilling Bollywood saga, complete with drama, emotion, and an outpouring of national pride. The win not only marked a significant feat in Indian sports but also captured the imagination of millions, mirroring the highs and lows of a Bollywood blockbuster. With streets full of jubilant fans, waving the tricolor and singing patriotic songs, the victory parade was a sight to behold. The fabulous homecoming provided a fitting climax to India’s World Cup triumph that seems like an epic fairytale!

In an effort of collective excellence, India’s desire to win the T20 World Cup was palpable and powerful. Each player displayed enthusiasm and a steely resolve to secure victory. But passion alone does not translate into success without the grind and effort behind it. Indian legend Rahul Dravid’s remark of years ago resonates even today, “everyone has the desire to succeed but few have the will to work hard for that success.” Fortunately, India found a bunch of players who had the desire and the will to ring in glory!

Three men, in particular, epitomized the relentless drive that turned India’s dreams into reality: Jasprit Bumrah, Rohit Sharma, and Hardik Pandya. These three stalwarts played pivotal roles in bringing India their second T20 World Cup victory which has sent the nation in a frenzy of excited celebration.

Bumrah’s lethal bowling was instrumental in India’s success. His precision and ability to deliver under pressure, made him a formidable force against every batting lineup. His knack for taking wickets at decisive moments dismantled the opposition, often turning the tide in India’s favor as in close games against Pakistan and in the final against South Africa.Besides 15 wickets at an average of 8.26, Bumrah had an amazing economy of just 4.17 – the best for anyone with 100-plus deliveries bowled in any T20 WC. Experts say Bumrah’s T20 World Cup 2024 will go down as the greatest individual campaign in the event’s history. His focus and skill were critical to India’s victory and got him the Player of the Tournament award.

Rohit Sharma, leading from the front, exhibited not only exceptional skill with the bat but also strategic acumen as captain. His calm demeanor and ability to stay composed under pressure provided the team with much-needed stability. Rohit ended the tournament with a career-best performance with the bat, with 257 runs in eight games at an average of 36.71 and a strike rate of over 156. His three halfcenturies made him the second-highest run-getter in the competition. Rohit’s knocks were marked by a terrific blend of aggression and patience, often setting the tone for Indian batters. His leadership was, of course, a key to India’s victorious campaign.

Hardik Pandya’s allround skill gave a dynamic edge to the team. His explosive batting provided crucial runs at vital junctures, while his versatile bowling offered flexibility and surprise elements in the bowling attack. Hardik’s ability to perform under pressure made him a vital asset. His contributions were instrumental in clinching key matches throughout the tournament. He finished with 144 runs at a strike-rate of over 150 and also took 11 wickets. His most crucial contribution came in the final when by getting rid of Klaasen - with South Africa on top – Hardik swung the clash India’s way.

Like any Bollywood thriller, there was a strong supporting cast who too played stellar roles. Rishabh Pant, Suryakumar Yadav, and Axar Patel delivering significant performances that bolstered Team India’s campaign. Each one made crucial contributions, whether it was Pant’s quick-fire runs, Surya’s consistent middleorder batting, or Axar’s all round skills. On the bowling side, Arshdeep Singh and Kuldeep Yadav also played vital roles in India’s triumphant march.

The final act, however, was reserved for the inimitable Virat Kohli. In a manner reminiscent of an ageing superstar delivering a blockbuster performance, Kohli’s magnificent 76 in the final ensured that India never wavered. His innings was a masterclass in handling pressure and showcased his enduring class and genius. King Kohli not only guided India to a formidable total but also provided the psychological edge needed to win a final.

Ultimately, it was a collective effort that brought India their second T20 World Cup. Each player, whether in a leading role or a supporting one, contributed to the grand success. The blend of youthful exuberance and seasoned expertise created a team that was eager to win and put in the hard work essential for victory.

In sum, India’s World Cup win and the celebrations in Mumbai captured the essence of what makes both Cricket and Bollywood an integral part of Indian culture – passion, drama, and the power to unite and inspire!


Siddhaarth Mahan The writer is a specialist on Sports and Cinema who works as an actor in the Hindi film industry

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