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Sanjana Sanghi: I had a crush on Aditya Roy Kapur

Who knew the young Mandy from Rockstar (2011) would someday go on to become a leading star in Bollywood! But that is the reality of Sanjana Sanghi, a bright, talented and extremely intelligent actress who has captured hearts with not only her beautiful face but her immense acting talent. After debuting on OTT with ‘Dil Bechara’, she will now make her big-screen debut with ‘Rashtra Kavach Om’. Sanjana sat down with City First to talk about her upcoming film, her journey since Rockstar and more.

The actress is currently shooting for her third film while promoting her second. Talking about her packed schedule, she said, “I have to be honest; I am going through very overwhelming experiences. I have never been in a moment before where I am shooting one film while another is releasing. It’s really keeping me on edge. I am sleeping very little but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is how I hope to always be able to entertain fans and audiences.”

Sanjana disclosed that she always asked Kapil Verma and Ahmed Khan why they chose her for an action film. She stated, “I always asked them how they could visualize me as Kavya. They used to say that they just saw something in Dil Bechara, a kind of sincerity. They saw a level of skill in me. I have done all this while keeping faith in Ahmed sir and Kapil because I could never think of doing an action film so early on in my career.”

The actress further revealed that she had a crush on Aditya Roy Kapur when Aashiqui 2 was released and loves to tease him about that. “But luckily, I have never been starstruck. Even when I met Ranbir during Rockstar, I could easily be myself around him. With Adi, there was an instant connection which made working with him easier,” she added.

Speaking on how she prepared for her role, she said, “What all we are capable of, we also don’t know. My dream as an actor is to get such challenging roles. And I got to experience that while building up Kavya. Kavya is an agent who does the action. But I really wanted to focus on her emotions. On how she feels when she loses a mission or a teammate and for that, I talked to exagents, and I researched with actual people in our forces. I enjoyed that the most.”

On the fading boundaries between languages in cinema, Sanjana said, “I agree that Om should be dubbed and released in different languages. But that being said, because the boundaries have merged, maybe Hindi can work its magic in different territories as well. But if needed, we will dub it.”

Sanjana shared that Imtiaz Ali, who found her, is proud of who she is today. “Even I want to say to the 18-year-old who continuously kept going for auditions even after facing rejection, that I am so proud of you,” Sanjana signed off.

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