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Hanumanji is the ‘Rudra’ incarnation of Lord Shiva. Hanuman, who has eight ‘Siddhis’ and nine ‘Nidhis,’ is a symbol of strength and courage. By worshiping them, a person experiences spontaneous energy within himself. Hanuman is also a wonderful example of devotion to Lord Shri Ram in Indian culture. It is mentioned in our mythology that Hanuman had asked for a boon from Lord Shri Ram that his life should continue as long as the story of Ram is on earth. That is why even today Hanuman is considered the living god of the earth. He was extremely strong not only in body but also in mind. Just by remembering him, even life’s biggest problems can be resolved; hence, he is a troubleshooter.

If you read the couplets of Hanuman Chalisa written by Saint Tulsidas ji, you will find that the entire life and character of Hanumanji is included in it. Hanuman’s entire life is inspiring. The story goes that when he was a small child, one day, he felt very hungry. Hanuman ji swallowed the Sun considering it to be a fruit. At that time, there was a solar eclipse, and Rahu had come to afflict the Sun. Seeing the huge size of Hanumanji and him swallowing the Sun, Rahu got scared and complained to Devraj Indra. Witnessing Indra coming riding on Airavat, Pawan Kumar thought it to be a big white fruit and went to catch it. Upon this, In- d r a hit Hanumanji’s face with his thunderbolt, causing his chin to become crooked and him to fall to the earth.

Angered by this, Hanuman’s father Vayudev stopped its flow, causing everyone to have trouble breathing. Seeing this, Brahmaji completely healed Hanumanji, granted him immortality, and bestowed fearlessness from fire, water, and air. In this way, due to Hanu or chin becoming crooked, he was called ‘Hanuman’.

Hanuman is the son of Mother Anjana and Maharaj Kesari. However, he is considered the spiritual or symbolic son of Pawan Dev, hence he is also known as Pawan’s son. He is a great devotee of Lord Shri Ram, hence is Ram’s messenger. The job of a messenger is to listen and convey the message of his master.

Hanuman ji preaches the message of his Lord, Shri Ram, to the entire world. In the Sunderkand of Ramcharit Manas written by Tulsidas.

Hanuman ji introduced himself everywhere as the messenger of Shri Ram rather than by his name.

Hanuman has incomparable strength. His powers cannot be compared to anyone else. He got the boon of immortality for protecting the religion. Therefore, even in Kaliyuga, he is an awakened god.

According to mythology, Hanuman lives on the Gandhamadan mountain in the Himalayas. This mountain is known as Anjanadri, it is also the birthplace of Hanuman. During his childhood, when Hanuman ji tried to eat the sun as a fruit, the entire world was engulfed in darkness. When Indra attacked him, Vayudev got angry and the vital air stopped everywhere. Then all the gods and goddesses appealed to Vayudev and offered divine weapons to Bajrangbali. Hanuman ji was given a mace by Kuber. Hanumanji held a mace in his left hand, hence he was called ‘Vamahastagadayuktam’. The name of his mace is Kaumodaki. He destroyed Ravana’s chariot with just one blow of this mace.

Hanumanji is the bestower of intelligence and strength. Lord Shri Ram has addressed Hanumanji with adjectives such as wise, patient, brave, and adept in politics. Hanumanji is endowed with strength and intelligence. He has deep knowledge of psychology, politics, literature, philosophy etc.

There is a very interesting story about the time when Lakshman fell unconscious. Ravana came to know about this when Hanuman was returning from Drongiri mountain with Sanjeevani Booti. Ravana placed Shani Dev behind him, but Hanumanji, with his strength and wisdom, crushed Shani under his feet and tied him up. Shani became very upset and accepted defeat. It is said that then Hanumanji forgave Shani on the condition that any person suffering from Shani and chanting the name of Lord Shri Ram, would not be troubled by him.

Hanuman is a troubleshooter because in this way, he shows mankind the path to freedom from every crisis.

Hanuman is the source of inspiration for human life. He teaches us how to work with dedication towards our goal and not rest until the goal is achieved. His life is a message of devotion to Lord Rama by following every order of Shri Ram and fulfilling it successfully and doing work only for his sake.

How to use strength and intelligence properly can be understood from the biography of Hanumanji. When he needed, he changed himself into a smaller form and came out from inside the mouth of Surasa and when needed, he extended his tail and destroyed the entire Lanka.

On the janmotsav of Bajrang Bali, let us remember him, learn from his example, and strive to overcome every obstacle in the ocean of life.



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