There is an exciting news update about Aditya Patwardhan’s Hollywood movie “A Nomad River”, running successfully in the US. The stand-alone single “Roshaniya” from the movie is also going strong with awards acclaimed and worldwide viewership.

The song is composed and sung by Gaurav Bhatt. The music video features Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (‘Sadhguru’) and Pianist, Singer Lucy Walsh, daughter of the lead guitarist Joe Walsh of the band The Eagles known for songs like ‘Hotel California’. The song also features British musician Will Sweeny from White Eskimos, the former band of One Direction’s Harry Styles.

The Lyrics of the song by Hiren Pandya Rahi have a deep philosophical meaning like the movie while being catchy and easy to sing along to. Gaurav Bhatt’s unique combination of Indian classical and western music gives an international acceptance to the melody.

Producer and Director Satvik Bhatt brought onboard unique creativity as he and Aditya Patwardhan filmed the song parallel in India and the US and edited it in Jaipur.

Upcoming music producer from Jaipur, Karan Singh, whose understanding of different music genres, complements Gaurav’s vision of Indo-Western melody with sublime finesse. Percussionist Atul Arora grounded drumming brings a natural earthy touch to the song further strengthening the Indio-Western backbone.

The music video is a unique international collaboration between renowned artists from the US, UK, & India. The film portrays deep and introspective themes about the river water crisis, climate changes, and civil issues. The video was filmed in Los Angeles, Uttarakhand, and Jaipur. Composed of a beautiful fusion of Indian Classical Music and American Jazz.

A NOMAD RIVER tells the story of a refugee, an actress, a street cleaner, and a news reporter, and their journey across India, as India faces a water crisis and climate change . Written, directed, and produced by filmmaker Aditya Patwardhan, A NOMAD RIVER features an ensemble cast, including Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (‘Sadhguru’), Pandit Krishna Mohan Bhatt (‘Krishna Bhatt’)

“Set against the social backdrop of farmer’s protest and climate change, A NOMAD RIVER explores India through the eyes of four unique characters, each finding their truths,” said filmmaker Aditya Patwardhan. “Simply put, A NOMAD RIVER is the story of a river that dried up before meeting the ocean. But it is also the story of a civilization and its struggle to achieve prosperity.”

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