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MODI REMEMBERS SMALLEST THINGS - Ramapati Ram Tripathi, Lok Sabha MP, Utttar Pradesh

One day myself and Modi ji were going to a programme. There was a physically challenged person at the gate. Since he was leaving the venue, he was shoved aside. This came to the notice of Modi. He asked his car to be turned back and met the man, asking him what brought him there. He said he needed a tricycle. He immediately asked a tricycle to be provided to that person. He asked to take down his name and address in the office.

Surprisingly, when Modi ji came again after two months, he remembered the incident and asked me if the cycle had been arranged for that man. I had in fact forgotten about it and hadn’t enquired of him. The next day I brought him and told Modi ji see sir, he is riding his tricycle.

I had forgotten, but even after two months it was on his mind whether the challenged person had been provided the facility.

Very prudent and economical - Dr Sonal Mehta, Madhya Pradesh

It was in 2013 that we were in Gujarat and my parents had also come and wanted to meet Narendra Modi who was then the chief minister. He came across to me as a very prudent and economical person. We were served water. I offered him my glass. He didn’t refuse. Instead he poured only some of it into his own glass and returned the rest to me. I was a bit perplexed as to the reason for doing so.

He sensed that and said, “See, I need only this much water at present to slake my thirst. Why should I pour more and then waste it?”

One can learn from him on every step. Nothing should go waste. His every act is a message for others.


We had purchased a new office in Nadiad named Anantrao Smriti Bhawan. I was there full time for a year. I was sent to Ahmedabad from Nadiad to distribute invitation cards for the office inauguration. My house was in Ahmedabad. I had been in Nadiad for the expansion work of the party. I was asked to be back in Ahmedabad and take the invitation cards with me.

At the gate of our RSS Maninagar office, I took out a card from my bag and handed it over to Narendra Bhai who I met there. He asked me to keep it back in the bag. First, give the card to prant (state) pracharak. He is sitting upstairs. After that, give it to me. He maintained the sanctity of the hierarchy. He always had respect for his seniors. That’s also something to be learnt.

Very particular about the time management - Randheer Sharma, MLA, Himachal Pradesh

Modi ji had come to Himachal Pradesh in 1996 as state in-charge. I was then a member of the state executive committee of the BJP in Himachal. No one could beat Modi ji in the ability to make the best use of time and realise the value of every minute.

I received him from Kalka station and took him to Parwanoo guest house. He went to the washroom, came back and said the geyser was not switched on. I said I will switch it on immediately. He said, “I have done it now, but you should have done it earlier.”

I said never mind, hot water will be ready in 15-20 minutes.

To this he said, “What will I do for 15-20 minutes? You should have switched it on while leaving for the station. So by this time I would have taken my bath and started my work!” Such is the value of time for him.

He sported a beard at that time. So I asked, “Can I ask you one thing?” He said, “Yes sure, ask.”

“Why do you keep a beard,” I asked?

He said, “It takes 10-15 minutes to shave every day. If I keep my beard this way, I trim it once a month and it hardly takes 5 minutes. It saves so much time.”

He has always been so particular about time management.


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