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After bearing two excruciating years of the pandemic, Pantone's colour of the year: Veri Peri aka Periwinkle emerged to be the celebratory colour of 2022. Not only for the world of fashion but also for makeup and beauty.

But what's Pantone? It's the standardized colour matching system used worldwide to classify, communicate and match colours with the use of a colour catalogue in a fan format.

Every year, Pantone Color Institute studies colour trends throughout the year to decide on the next Pantone Color of the Year, this year it's been a shade of pale purple.

But since new year's the charm of Veri Peri seems to have missed its charm, both on the runway and the streets. In conversation with Fashion and beauty gurus share their take on periwinkle and its viability.

DISHA KESWANI, A fashion influencer said, “We first took notice of the purple craze during New York Fashion Week, where the colour — in a variety of different shades, from light to dark, blue-tinted. This colour has always been a great one for spring, especially if you’re a fan of pastels. We also can’t forget to mention how versatile periwinkle can be, especially if you’re a fan of colour blocking.”

DISHA SHARMA, A fashion stylist, talked about the uniqueness of incorporating Veri Peri and said, “While neutrals may be all the rage, periwinkle is one such colour that can ever be irrelevant. From outfits to shoes to nails to hair. I’ve been seeing this colour on people everywhere lately. Not only is it pleasing to look at but it also gives you a calming feeling in a way. The best part though is that this colour looks great on literally everyone and all skin tones.

GEETIKA SINGH, A makeup and beauty influencer said, “Purple has made a major comeback in the fashion in recent few years with its shade of lilac or Periwinkle. It’s fashion’s new colour and is here to stay. Be it just a flash of colour from an accessory or a full-on monochromatic look, lilac has the quality of wearability. Lilac/ periwinkle shades make them easy to integrate into your makeup with an all-out purple eyeshadow on lids or just a subtle Veri Peri look.”

GEETIKA AGARWAL, A digital creator said, “Veri Peri is a shade that brings in a livelier periwinkle blue that has undertones of violet red. The colour combines the reliability of blue, with the enthusiasm of red. periwinkle is a representation of calmness, peace, and relaxation. Pantone’s choices make waves in home furnishings and interior design, fashion and cosmetic colour directions, and product development. The contrasting undertones make it perfect for monochromatic looks or if you’re about subtlety, go for pairing it with a neutral shade like black or white.”

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