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With the temperatures touching the skies, this Throwback Thursday we bring you Paigham, watch it on a hot slumbering afternoon for the performances by Dilip and Raaj- the two superstars! 

I actually watched Paigham when Saudagar was released in 1991, there was so much hype about the two iconic stars Dilip Kumar and Raaj Kumar starring together after 32 years.

Paigham gives more than a glimpse of why Dilip Kumar continues to rule generations of actors with his acting abilities, sense of timing and dialogue delivery.

Raaj, who played Dilip’s elder brother is the perfect foil to him. I loved the scenes where the brothers spar over ethics, values, loyalty, principles and more. Both of them, true artists who matched each other note by note with dialogue delivery and expressions! Amazing! Magical!

Vijyantimala was beautiful, restrained with sparks of flirtatious humour as she sparkled on the screen, the chemistry of this pair spanned a line of hits as we all know. I fell in love with the way she used her eyes to show love, shyness, jealousy and was excellent in the dramatic scenes.  

The music of Paigham is nothing to write home about for me the only song which comes to my mind now and then is ‘yahi pagham hamara….’  but the movie is a good watch otherwise, it manages to walk the fine line between preachy and idealistic watch and the dialogues are like music at times with the fine delivery. 

One of the most unforgettable scenes is the super cute romantic tease one when led on a story Vijyantimala confesses her jealousy and love for Dilip Kumar. 

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