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There is plenty of youth in India, also there are lot many opportunities for young people. Youth of this country is emerging as major opportunity for the development.

The population of Indian Youth is more than other develop countries.

The hope of development in India is based on it’s the young blood. The country’s economy is getting stronger with the strength of its youths.

In the corporate sector, thirty to forty percent of the youth contribute in maximum of the company’s growth, as they come up with different creative ideas in the development of new products and in the company’s progress.

Most of the companies recruit 5 to 10 percent of freshers every year, the purpose behind this is to have new ideas and changes in the company’s culture.

Still there is no regular recruitments of fresh pass outs employees in unorganized sector. As in this sector, old, experienced and trusted employees are kept at the top only.

Older employees know everything about company, but have little use of new ideas or new technologies.

But in the organized sector, the importance of fresh employees has been found.

A new programs are organized in the company for fresh pass outs employees, while on the other hand, the disappointment is that entrylevel employees in India are paid the least amount of compensation and salaries.

This is a matter of concern. Indian corporate entrepreneur pay very less to freshers in comparison to other countries in Asia.

The world-renowned company Tower Watson, recently conducted a survey in Asia’s Developing Countries about salaries offered to fresh pass outs. According to the survey done with eleven countries, India’s place in paying to entry-level employees is ninth. According to this survey, the average pay scale of entry level employee in India is estimated to be around US $ 400 which is approximately 25,000 rupees.

This amount is roughly one-fifths compared to countries like South Korea and Singapore. There is a good news for those working in middle level with 4-5 years of experience that their return status is very good as compared to entry level employees.

According to the survey for middle management level people, the annual package is of 15- 20 lakhs, which is almost half the amount of China.

Against this, India has less cost of living as compared to China. In other countries like Singapore, employees in the middle management level are given more salary packages than China.

The officials of Tower Watson consider India as strong contender in the world for growth and development, though the less returns of the entry level employees can be frustrating for them.

While India’s entry-level employees rank number one in the face of intellect and skill, Indian youth has a lot of expertise in IT and manufacturing.

One thing has been emphasized on, in the Survey is that if you want young people of India to stop going in other countries, then they should be given a respectable salary package.

If they get the payment as per the requirement and their skill set in other countries, then they should be paid for the same at home.

The tips for how much compensation should be given to the employees of the Fresh Pass Out.

1.Fresh Pass Out youth should be offered honorable package so that they maintain their enthusiasm at work.

2.Entry-level employees should be given to work on short projects giving easy success, so that their enthusiasm can be well maintained.

3.Entry-level employees should be paid incentives inclusive with fixed salary in every six months.

4.There is a little lack of patience in the youth class, so plan should be made so that they stay for long in a company.


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