Monday, December, 11,2023

New colours of FICCI!

Moving on to the final program of the term of FICCI Women’s Organisation, chairperson Monika Kothari Jain expressed gratitude to the entire organisation on Wednesday. She shared how her tenure began with the onset of the second wave of Covid.

The team faced multiple challenges of lockdown in that part of the year. However, all the members of the FICCI FLO supported each other. The finale featured a glimpse of one year’s beautiful journey which was compiled in the form of a video presentation for all FLO members.

Preveen Pandita, one of the most celebrated illusionists, graced the occasion. He is a very popular illusionist of 21st century who is known for his showmanship and unique mystical style of magic.

The members were amazed to see his performance. Past presidents and current teams were h o n o u r e d for their hard work and support. Chairperson warmly welcomed the new chairperson for the upcoming term, Mudrika Dhoka, director, Chandra Group.

The journey of FICCI FLO has continued year after year making it one of the strongest organisations in India. The evening ended with a note of gratitude from Jain in which she thanked everyone for their support and looked forward to a fresh start.

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