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Quizzically enough, as I chanced upon the recent interview of Angela Dorothea Merkel, ex chancellor of Germany, it gave me a peep into the pandora box of the Western world’s political dynamics. A seasoned politician and a scientist, she was the first and the only lady chancellor of Germany and was referred to as the de facto leader of the European Union. Having been brought up in erst while East Germany under Kremlin’s influence, her control over Russian language was perfect yet, she was not inclined to communist ideology. Her actions and decisions as the chancellor of her country ensured a commanding position for Germany not only in Europe but amongst all NATO allies. Nonetheless, today many find faults with her for increasing Germany’s dependence on Russian energy imports through Nord Stream 1, without acknowledging that the graph of Germany’s industrial growth was highest during Merkel’s chancellorship. All through her political career, she professed that she did not want to give advice from the side-lines, and therefore, described Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a “brutal war of aggression” which constituted a far-reaching turning point and the most glaring violation of international law in Europe since the World War II. She further believed that European solidarity goes out to Ukraine which has been attacked and raided by Russia, and that the Ukraine’s right to self-defence was incontestable. Surprisingly, a leader with such clarity and frankness on Russia – Ukraine war, suddenly took a U turn and in an interview in the second week of Dec 22 to a newspaper Der Zeit of Germany, came out with the facts that hitherto fore, were a subject of confidentiality amongst all NATO leaders joining their hands to support Zelenskyy and fight Russia.

In a dramatic style, Angela confessed that there was no real interest amongst the Western powers to implement the provisions and conditions laid down in Minsk 1 & 2 Agreements signed by Ukraine and Russia in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Instead, the intention of US and allies reeked with conspiracies and deceits by the West to give time to the NATO and Ukraine to build up their military capabilities for the sole purpose of a confrontation with Russia. In other words, the West planned and schemed for the war against Russia since 2014 after they organized a coup to forcibly remove a democratically elected Ukraine government and replace it with a puppet government loyal to the West. In my opinion, Angela has proven herself to be Putin’s friend as her confession is almost a declaration to let out NATO secrets. In simple words, what Merkel said can be taken as an announcement that Putin is not the aggressor but the victim of a veiled Western conspiracy against it. In fact, Angela has provided Putin the defence which he may need in the future to protect himself from Western actions at international courts when the war crimes are taken up.

Obviously, the implications from this interview are far reaching. It shows that international agreements with the West specially the US carry no value and remain in play only till the time they favour the West and allows them time to turn the tide to suit their interests. Yes, it is amply clear that Western powers are likely to dump treaties and agreements like a HOT Potato when they no longer serve their purpose. It indeed is a lesson to India, China, Pakistan and to the rest of the developing countries in international politics. While negotiating with west, countries should choose friends with open eyes Judging so called friends not by what they say but by what they do and their past reputation of honouring treaties and agreements with other parties in the agreement. The numerous visits of German Chancellor to Russia between 2014 (in the aftermath of annexation of Crimea by Russia) and 2021, when Merkel vacated her office as the ultimate leader of European Union and Chancellor of Germany are being looked at with suspicion of delaying Russian onslaught on Ukraine to buy time. She out rightly mentioned that she felt no regrets for her handling of Vladimir Putin during her time in power and blocking the route of Ukraine joining NATO membership as Putin would have taken it as a “declaration of war” against Russia by the West. It appears that in the opinion of the West, democratically immature Ukraine would have been less prepared for an invasion then what it was in February 2022 and thus, hinting at a global conspiracy.


COL ANUPAM JAITLY (RETD) The writer is Defence expert, Motivational Speaker & Corporate Trainer

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