Thursday, January, 27,2022

MASKED Makarsankranti

The sudden surge in covid cases in the world and cold weather and covid curbs have affected the festival of happiness, Makar Sankranti this year. City First spoke to some localities on how they will celebrate Makar Sankranti amid covid protocol!

festivals like Makar Sankranti, Pongal, and Lohri mark the beginning of festivities for the year. The third wave of coronavirus is pushing the world again back to its cages. Amidst the ongoing pandemic and diverse measures adopted to bring back normality in the fitness and overall life of the masses, these festivities mark a great ray of hope to start the year for many who see it much more than annual celebrations this time. Makar Sankranti is a festival of friends, this year we have missed all the gup-shup and friendly banters we used to have while getting together to celebrate the festival. Before corona we used to meet their friends at their places. Due to a sudden surge in the covid case again, it is mandatory to stay at home. This year let’s celebrate this festival in a sweet and cosy way by staying and partying at home with homies and treating your mouth with Sankrant special ‘Til-gul’ ki chakki and laddoos. Playing games and flying kites with family at home on evergreen Bollywood beats while enjoying Pudeene ki chatni and daal ke pakode on a bonfire night will definitely kill your boredom and will make you fall in love with this new side of this festival. Battle against the pandemic is far from over, but our festive spirit is not down and out either. It is time to celebrate, but with SOPs.

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