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These were the headlines of prominent Newspapers of Denmark, when PM of India visited Denmark and Eastern Europe in May 2022. This statement reflects the importance of India in the World & prominence of our leader. It was a delightful sight to see President Joe Biden of USA, walking up to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to shake hands and greet him during G-7 Meet in Germany. It’s the Prime Minister of India, whom everyone wants to meet because India matters to the world today! India’s enviable progress in last 75 years since independence and exponential rise in the last decade has catapulted it onto the global centre stage. Four things make a nation state great are:

India holds a beacon of hope for the world economy which is likely to plunge into the worst recession, post COVID. Listed below are some of the pointers which make India an emerging global economy.

Armed Forces are integral part of super power status. A strong, well equipped and trained Army is essential for a nation having hawkish neighbours, with unsettled borders. The expenditure incurred on Army, as “Force of Deterrence” should be taken as insurance for unhindered growth of the nation. Let’s examine certain attributes of Indian Armed Forces, which make them great-

India has been a rich ancient civilization and holds a long record of being a mature and stable democratic nation for 75 years. India stands out as exporter of knowledge, wisdom and religious harmony. India is the promoter of Wellness of body, mind and soul. Indian food, dances, Cinema and performing arts are liked world over. India’s non-intrusive nature and helping nature has won appreciation, all over the world.|

India has amply proved it’s resilience in critical times. Just two examples showcase the Indian excellence in COVID management. India is among the nations with the lowest percentage of infected persons and the lowest mortality rate, if one considers the entire population. India is a shining example of efficient vaccine administration to the largest population of the world. India exported vaccine and life saving medicines to more than 100 countries of the world, including USA.

India has waited for centuries for a rare opportunity to reclaim its status as a world leader. In order to catapult the incredible India into the high pedestal of the super power, a charismatic leadership was required and we found that in 21st Century. Having excellent relations with all world leaders, Prime Minister Narendra Modiis emerging as the popular choice to mediate towards ending the Ukraine conflict. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is undoubtedly the most Charismatic leader in the world today.

In the geopolitics of 21st Century, India has all the right ingredients to become a global super power. India matters to the world today and therefore the world has now accepted India’s decision making as per its national interests. If India could manage its internal diversities and harness the contradictions with inclusive growth and NATION FIRST agenda, 21st Century will belong to India.


MAJ GEN CP SINGH (RETD)    The writer is a scholar soldier accredited with MA, MSc, LLB, MBA, M Phil (Def Mgt) and M Phil (International Strategic Affairs)

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