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Mahashivratri is a festival where Lord Shiva is worshipped all over India. Mahashivratri is a Hindu festival during which Lord Shiva is worshipped across India. Mahashivratri occurs once a year in the Hindu lunar calendar month of Falgun. It is considered to be one of the most auspicious evenings in Hinduism. Mahashivratri occurs either in February or March, depending on the lunar calendar. All year round, Lord Shiva devotees and followers worship him with Lady Parvati. Shiva followers or devotees celebrate the Mahashivratri fast (vrat) with zeal and consume light devotional food that is ‘satvik’ in character. Satvik meals, according to Ayurveda, are vegetarian, free of onion and garlic, and simple to digest. They are better, more nutritious and fresher foods that are intended to boost human vitality, happiness and tranquillity. City First presents a variety of basic Shivratri Vrat dishes that can be prepared at home using common ingredients.

Sabudana Kheer, also known as Sago Payasam, is a highly traditional Indian sweet dish that is cooked in almost every area of India. Sabudana Kheer can be cooked for special events such as Shivratri. Or even just as dessert following an Indian meal.

Watermelon Carrot Radish Juice Recipe is a refreshing beverage made with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. The inclusion of radish and carrot boosts the nutritional value of this juice, making it both healthful and nourishing. This beverage is high in antioxidants, vitamins, and beta-carotene. It strengthens your immune system and detoxifies your body. Because of its modest spiciness, radish juice may not be the first option when juicing vegetables, but it offers several health advantages. In this recipe, thesweetness of the watermelon and carrot perfectly complements the radish flavours. Serve this watermelon, carrot and radish juice in the morning with breakfast to give a refreshing start for the day.

Thandai is a famous Rajasthani drink prepared with dried fruits, saffron, and milk. The meal is really simple to prepare and also quite healthful. Thandai’s punch and fl avour are enhanced by the inclusion of black pepper, Kesar and poppy seeds. Thandai is frequently combined with ‘bhang’ to create an intoxicating cocktail.

Fruit custard is a deliciously creamy and rich chilled dessert made with custard powder, milk, seasonal fruits and nuts. Also known as fruit salad with custard, this is a popular dessert in India. Vanilla fl avored custard powder is used to make thick and creamy milk custard and sweet seasonal fruits for the fl avor. This will a delicious delicacy to start your day.

Vrat ke pakore or kuttu pakoras are deep-fried fritters prepared with buckwheat fl our and mashed potatoes, toasted peanuts, and dried pomegranate powder.

Sabudana Khichdi is a relatively simple meal made with Tapioca pearls, assorted veggies, and basic Indian spices. Unlike normal khichdi, it is a one-pot dish that takes less time to prepare. It is best consumed during the Navaratri fasting since it does not include onion or garlic. Sabudana, which is derived from tapioca root, provides vital nourishment. During the Navratri fast, serve your delicious Sabudana Khichdi with Cucumber Green Chilli Raita Recipe.

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