Saturday, May, 08,2021

Long live the tees

Strap: It’s been a while since we have been out now, we miss our friends, our professional lifestyle, our daily plans, but, most importantly fashion. City First brings you the minimalist way to slick at home!

Every once in a while we enjoy the comforts of being appreciated through our appearance, even if we do not belong to the fashion industry, but, we have been at home long enough to keep our favourite dresses at bay and have missed the essence of getting up to groom ourself for the day.

But, who says we cannot sway our way at home, since in the inside world or the out, we have been working hard each day. 

The fashion of long tees came into existence a long time ago, where we were ditching our pants and were at the best of our comfort zone.

It would be rather now when we can fully embrace this trend. Here’s why I think they are the best choice of attire for work from home fashion:


We have no control over our schedule these days, who wishes to worry more about how we look as we just get up and stick our eyes in front of the computer. We just need to be in a relaxed state and feel good about it.


You may just become the coolest one at home, by swaying around in your long tee as you turn the monotonous trend of wearing pants each day to no pants at work from home. 


Yeah, we prefer a little bit of sparkle when we dress up for a party, but, how do we evolve into the new definition of partying at home? The answer is, long tees!


Maybe you stick to one colour or maybe you don’t, totally your choice. You may even get a personalized pattern as per your wishes. Keep it simple, but, I would say, keep it surprising.


It’s true, we don’t get out often these days, only when it is required to buy necessary items at home. Now, who cares about being judged by our looks these days, we better sling it.

We can bring this trend into our everyday routine and follow it afterwards when the new normal begins once again. It could be a little awkward for us perhaps, for most of us in the beginning, but, hey why not just try.

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