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Liger review: A meme-worthy mindless mediocrity

While Bollywood was drowning in its own failures, Liger emerged as the messiah that becomes this massive hit that would save the industry from its downfall. But what everyone feared has finally come true. The nightmare in which Liger would be an even bigger failure than its counterparts became the reality of the film. Not even Vijay’s magic can save this disaster now. The story revolves around the chaiwala, Liger who comes to Mumbai with his mother Balamani (Ramya Krishnan) who wants her son to become an MMA fighter like his father. In the hopes of winning the national championships, the mother sends her son to be trained under the celebrated coach (Ronit Roy). Despite being constantly told to be focused, Liger is anything but that. He falls in love with social media influencer, Tanya (Ananya Panday) who secretly is the sister of his nemesis, Sanju (Vishu). Tanya pursues Liger relentlessly after she sees him fight and that still somehow is not the focus of the film. There is Mark Anderson (Mike Tyson) left in the picture, who is Liger’s childhood hero. But his story is unexplainably outlandish and obscure, which somehow makes the climax and ending weirder than the entirety of the movie. Now, Liger cannot be considered a sports drama as the film never solely focuses on his MMA journey, or about the class divide, as everything is cool and breezy for Liger, who gets easy opportunities and is also in a relationship with an upper-class woman where never once is the class divide mentioned or talked about. The film is basically a commercial masala film that fails to have any masala in it.

While Ramya Krishnan has a powerful performance that sometimes is too powerful to handle, Ronit Roy, Getup Srinu, and others are average as they have nothing to explore. Ananya Panday offers nothing to the film except glamour and some poorly performed dialogues. Coming to the man of the hour, Vijay delivers. But the problem is, he has been given nothing much to deliver. Puri Jagannadh who is known for his masala entertainers that do not need much logic somehow succeeds to create a masterpiece that is crasser. He does not fail to involve some misogynistic, racist and sexist dialogues and scenes but that is toned down a bit for this one. The film has not only become a critic’s worst nightmare but fails to impress the audience as well. Have you ever seen a diehard Vijay Deverakonda fan regret watching his film? Well, this movie made this come true. It has also become the subject of a hilarious meme fest that cannot seem to get enough of the mindless mediocrity. Overall, Liger is a meme-worthy asinine film that does not do justice to Vijay’s Hindi debut.

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