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MODI IS AN ASSET TO THE NATION - Jagdish Nayak, School Teacher of PM Narendra Modi

In the Guru-Shishya reunion, PM Modi’s school teacher imparts his blessings upon the PM to continue to elevate India towards greater prosperity and progress

Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Navsari, Gujarat and we met each other here after many years. There are no words to express our feelings other than the strong affection between us. I believe that Narendra Modi is an asset to this nation, we need to make him rise even more, Modi has made India efficient to fulfill our needs. He has pledged to make the environment conducive to this nation. Modi has travelled throughout the nation to explain what needs to be done for the country, be it cleaning Ganga river or making people live in harmony, his intentions for making a better nation are clear. Modi aims to keep this nation untired and make it the best, he goes to the temples to offer prayers and seek blessings for the nation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made construction of Ram Mandir possible which seemed impossible till a few years back. Whatever circumstances came, he prepared the country in such a way that people will remember him for long.

THE CARING LEADER - Anjana Patel, Mehsana, Gujarat

It was the festival of Rakshabandhan and we went to meet Modi ji when he was the CM of Gujarat. When I told my fellow village women about the initiative, that we were going to meet Modi ji to tie rakhis, so many women registered their names, that we ended up having a big group of 52 women.

Incidentally, we got late in reaching the event venue due to the traffic and sahab had gone home by then.
Someone informed him that 40-50 women had come to tie rakhis on his wrist and they were very sad at not being able to do so. Soon there was a call, asking, “Who are the people who have come to meet me?”

Modi ji was told that women from Linch village in Mehsana had come to meet him to tie rakhis and they had got late. He called us all to his residence, gave us so much love and attention and sat with us for half an hour, talked to each of us, took our introduction and got rakhis tied by each of us individually.

Remembers the smallest karyakarta - Hitesh Thakkar, BJP Karyakarta, Gujarat

Modi ji was coming for a rally during Gujarat elections in 2017 at Bhabhar city. I was given the charge of making arrangements for his tea and snacks. I had arranged the same from my house. He was supposed to land at the helipad at 12:30 PM. I was asked to be there at 10. When the helicopter landed, Modi ji said, “Let me first go to the rally, people are waiting for me. I will have breakfast once I am back.”

Once he returned to the helipad from the venue, the first thing he asked his guards and officials is where is that karyakarta who brought tea and breakfast for me. Due to security reasons I hadn’t been able to return to the helipad from the rally venue before him. There he had his tea and breakfast and he told his men that when the karyakarta comes back to collect his thermos and other utensils, tell him that I have had his breakfast.

QUICK DECISION MAKER - Bhagyesh Jha, Former IAS officer

One day Modi ji was sitting with grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand. He called me and introduced me to him,”He is our sports secretary”.

Then he told me, “Vishy says that 13,566 people played chess under one roof in Mexico and made it to the Guinness Book of records. What do you say?”

I said, “We will break that record. You give me the money, and we will do it.”
He said, “Given. You do it.” In his presence I asked Anand, “Can you suggest a date?” He then suggested 24 December as a suitable day as on that day he had become the world champion. So December 24, 2010, Gujarat entered the Guinness Book of World Records, when 20,000 players played chess under a single roof simultaneously in GMDC ground.


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