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TV stars are a hit when it comes to music videos. Many of them have been featured in top songs. The latest ones are Nidhi Shah and Mohsin Khan. Nidhi plays the role of Kinjal in Anupamaa while Mohsin is best known for playing Kartik in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. They collaborated on a song titled Kuch Toh Zaroor Hai. The song was released on Saturday and fans are in love with their crackling chemistry. In an exclusive conversation with Ashish Tiwari of First India, the duo spoke about their chemistry and more. Mohsin Shared, “This song indeed has a 90’s Vibe, Collin sir had mentioned this only that this has to have the Bollywood feel with over-thetop Romance. We are lipsyncing after a long time. Also, music videos give you new pairings it brings out refreshing chemistry.”

Nidhi speaking on the chemistry shared, “It was a mixture of everything, it has a sense of nostalgia. There were beautiful scenarios around us that just set the mood right. Along with Mohsin’s aura, it was quite great. The entire video overall is soothing to your eyes and soul. There’s a relaxing calmness in the song. In this song the team has made sure that the location is a part of the song. Speaking on their favourite moment both of them said, “It’s a very well put song, the initial music of the song is our favourite. Javed Ali is a beautiful singer and indeed his voice has only amplified the beauty of the song.”

Nidhi on working with Dharma shared,” Dharma has managed to put in the essence of their genre of love it’s a blessing to be working with Dharma”. Mohsin shared, “Collin sir has worked so well on the song, he knows exactly what he wants and he is very precise with everything. The local team there was also very prompt on covering everything” Speaking on their fan connection Nidhi shared, “There are actually positive and negative aspects to everything. There’s a thin line between fans and obsessive stuff. “ Mohsin added, “I was lucky I believe and for 7 years I was associated with Star and now I am doing music videos now that’s also breaking the TV stereo Types. The digital space has opened up many opportunities “ -The song is beautifully sung by Javed Ali, Music is crooned by Nilesh Ahuja, Lyrics by Kumaar and the song is out exclusively on Saregama Originals.

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