Tuesday, September, 27,2022

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Tumhara Intezar hai

This Throwback Thursday, we bring you Khamoshi, a movie about our angels in white’ but more than that… it is about love, internal conflict, the pain and sacrifice of a woman…quietly… Khamoshi se…

Khamoshi is a classic unforgettable film for two reasons as far as I am concerned, the haunting melodies – the soul of the movie and Waheeda Rehman… only Waheeda who puts so much in her role as Radha that we live, laugh, cry and gradually go insane right with her. She gave Radha the depth and dignity that only she could have. 

The first song I saw of Khamoshi was Humne dekhi hai un aankhon ki mehakti Khushbu…haath se chhu kar ise rishton ka ilazaam na do in the famous Doordarshan songs show, Chitrahaar.

I was fixated and went to the shop the next day to get a ‘cassette’, we didn’t have the ‘at the fingertips’ access to music available today. 

I heard the songs for a long time before I actually saw the movie the first time and now again during the last lockdown.  The songs have remained with me throughout.

The power of Waheeda’s performance has increased not diminished though one’s patience with the rest of the antics, scenes of the movie set in the ‘National Institute of Psychoanalysis’ is even lesser than it was before!

Wo shaam kuch ajeeb thi… the array of emotions on the face of Waheeda, the searching eyes, the despair in the bent of her shoulders, the desperate seeking of her fingers… one is transfixed. 

My favourite is Tum pukaar lo… Waheeda with Meghdoot cradled in her arms, the haunting eyes, the ‘presence’ of Dharmendra, never really seen face to face in the movie but holding her and with Waheeda all of us in the cradle of sanity.  

Rajesh Khanna has a full-fledged role in the film and is vulnerable and open, carrying it off quite well as the spurned imbalanced lover. 

There is a Waheeda in each one of us… and we walk with her as she walks those endless corridors… of unspoken desires, of sacrifices wrenched with the face of love, of unfair treatments taken on the chin – head held high, of succumbing for others at the stake of ourselves, the unrequited love pangs, the death of expectations and finally… our last resort… Khamoshi!

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