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When Karan Johar, Kartik Aaryan and Janhvi Kapoor revealed Dostana 2, it was hailed as the collaboration of the year. The movie had already started production and the performers had started shooting before the COVID lockdown. But things did not work out the way we had hoped. Kartik left the movie after the epidemic and it appears that there was a falling out between the actor and the director. In a short time, rumours regarding Kartik's lack of professionalism spread widely. The actor has avoided discussing it, but he recently had a lengthy conversation about it.

In his recent interview, without beating around the bush, the actor was asked what happened between him and the filmmaker. When asked why Karan Johar dropped Kartik Aaryan from his film, the actor said, "This happens sometimes. I haven't spoken about this before. I believe in what my mother has taught me and these are my value too. When there's an altercation between two people, the younger one should never speak about it. I follow that and hence I never speak about it."

The actor provided additional specifics when pressed, stating that it had been claimed that Kartik Aaryan had requested more money for the project and, when this had been rejected, had refused to proceed with production. "This is like Chinese whispers, a make-believe story," Kartik quipped adding, "I have never left a film because of money. I am very greedy, but in terms of script and not money."

So, did the fallout happen because the script changed? Denying this, Kartik explained, "Pandemic happened, there was a gap of 1.5 years and there were some preplanned changes in the script which couldn't happen."

It appears that Kartik and Karan have put the past behind them. KJo recently lauded the actor on Instagram after the trailer for Kartik's forthcoming movie Shehzaada was released.

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