Wednesday, August, 17,2022

Jazim Sharma on new song ‘Main Jee Raha’

Jazim Sharma has always had a voice of heaven as he gave some of the most heart-touching songs in Bollywood. Although he has a nationallevel gold medal in Thumri and Ghazal, the singer can ace any genre of song that is thrown at him. Jazim Sharma will now be seen as a part of the ‘Roposo Jamroom’ by ‘Roposo Jam 8’ and Sony Music. Under the guidance of legendary music composer Pritam, 19 singers and 12 talented music composers will bring forward 10 original songs that will stay with the audience even after the show ends.

Talking to City First exclusively, Jazim revealed his experience on the show and working with Shilpa Rao on a beautiful composition. The singer said, “My new song entitled ‘Main Jee Raha’ alongside Shilpa Rao is coming on July 1st. It is a lovely love ballad. It is different from my usual ghazal genre. The song has a commercial and upbeat angle with beautiful lyrics. It basically is a mixture of modern and traditional approaches.” He further revealed his camaraderie with cosinger, Shilpa Rao. He stated, “Shilpa and I are good friends for a long time. Since she also is a ghazal singer, we do keep in touch from time to time. We share music with each other and we like each other so much. Her approach to music is what I like the most. Most importantly, she is a very good human being. We wanted to work with each other for a long time and I was elated that we finally got the opportunity.”

He added, “I love the texture of her voice, very husky and melodious. When I heard the final song, I was glad that both our voices complemented each other. This is just our first song together and we have decided to collaborate next for a ghazal.” Further elaborating on the upcoming show, Jazim firstly thanked music composer Pritam for the song. “Pritam Da created the ‘Roposo Jamroom’ through his company ‘Roposo Jam 8’. He has signed a lot of music composers and lyricists under his banner. He has made this show for them with 19 legendary singers. I was very happy when I got a call from his office and was glad to be a part of this project. Ana Rehman, a talented music composer has given music to this song and Shloke Lal has beautifully written the lyrics. And also, the moment I heard Shilpa will be in the song too, I was happy.”

Talking about his future projects, the Gullak singer said, “I have a lot of projects coming soon. I have my own production house, Jazim Productions. So, we have some commercials, Sufi, romantic, ghazals, Punjabi, folk and many more songs coming soon.”

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