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Ridhiema Tiwari has done some incredible work over the years and her characters in television serials including, Do Dil Ek Jaan, Sasural Genda Phool, and Ghulaam have left a mark on the audience. She is recognized in Bollywood for her debut film Begum Jaan in 2017. The diva is currently seen in Raazz Mahal- Dakini Ka Rahasya in the role of Chandralekha.

Recently she joined us for an exclusive conversation where she got candid about what goes behind prepping up for Chandralekha.

When ask about what makes the character different from the rest of her characters, Ridhiema said, “Chandralekha is a negative character and it’s not an easy job to portray such a role. But I love when a role challenges the actor within me. Every day donning that attire along with black lipstick, going to the set and rigorously shooting for it for 12 hours strategy is an incredible thing!”.

Since her character is negative, it has been observed earlier too that while playing such characters, actors find it quite difficult to detach themselves from it. When asked about it, Ridhiema responded, “Absolutely True! When you are in a character for straight 12 hours and you continue to do so every day, it’s difficult to detach yourself from the character and going back to yourself seems like a difficult task. And it’s not always easy but I have managed to do it! Playing a negative character leaves you with a lot of negative baggage of the role that indirectly gets incorporated into your lifestyle. So it is very important to detach yourself!”.

Reflecting on her journey the actress said, “being a freelancer in this Industry is quite a task and life has always been a bumpy ride. It is a road of highs and lows, but I love it that way. Working hard, and choosing to do something you love every day is something I am grateful for!.”

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