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Ishita Dutta gets flooded with calls on October 2!

The late Nishikant Kamat's murder mystery "Drishyam" captured the audience's attention in 2015 and left them wanting more. Now the makers are finally all set with the second instalment. Actress Ishita Dutta who received immense love and appreciation from the audience for her role in the film shared an incident which happened to her on October 2. Since it's a suspense crime thriller there's a scene in the film where the entire Salgaonkar family visits the Satsang on October 2 and ever since then, the dialogue and the scenes have been registered in the brain of the audience. Recently in an exclusive conversation with us, Ishita shared a funny incident which happened to her. She revealed, "This year the response to Drishyam was great! Every year I get calls from people on October 2 without fail. And for those with whom I am not even in touch also make sure to call me or text me. But this year it was crazy as people were calling me back to back and texting me 'call me urgent'. I have called them back to ask if they are alright. To which they responded, Kal 2 October hai! And it was really funny". She further added, " I know all this is happening bec a u s e Drishyam 2 is releasing. It was so nice to see that people are so excited to see the second instalment. The reviews have been so great plus this year was fun. Not just people, even Vatsal was annoying me and I hope this hype of October 2 continues till Drishyam 2 comes". Earlier Ishita had stated, "I am very excited for 'Drishyam 2'. A lot of my fans and the audience have been asking me about the second instalment of the film for a very long time. It's finally here and I am sure the audience will love everything the film has to offer.”

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