Saturday, May, 08,2021

Have we earned COVID?

I have been doing a lot of thinking. I have been wondering why this whole pandemic has not scared the c**p out of me like it has other people.

It is all such an enigma. No one can explain what is happening. I bet you have wondered if the corona is a zoonotic virus or simply a bigger government conspiracy. No one predicted that human beings would die in large numbers. Or did they? Is this nature getting back at us? 

And as a result of such confusion, the government and various other segments have helped themselves to our fear. 

One such segment is the Vegan movement, which had almost hit a jackpot until it didn’t. Initially, they claimed that we should close wet markets because corona allegedly started in the wet markets of China.

Then they claimed you must give up animal products because bats spread Covid. I want you to read that again. Does that perplex you as much as it confuses me? Who in the world eats bats? I don’t get the connection.

What I haven’t told you yet, is that behind it all is a business empire booming. The NGOs get big bucks to aggressively push the vegan agenda and many use animals to strike a chord with our animal-loving hearts. But some things are amiss.

I am a vegetarian, but that post about the link between bats and COVID does little if anything at all to convince me to be vegan. I understand their motivation but not the messaging.

Instead, they should focus on why consuming animal products is in the interest of humankind. Like everything else that revolves around our wellbeing, including the One Health policy of the WHO that claims human health is directly interlinked to animal health (assumingly related to consumption only).

See it is all about us- our health and wellbeing! Do you get the sarcasm? If not let me break it down for you.

Nowhere does the wellbeing of animals and nature come first except in the heart of animal lovers. And wait I feel the urge to define this label.

You do not classify as an “Animal Lover” because you purchased an animal, or discriminate amongst breeds, or dictate the terms on which your home pet or your neighbourhood pet has to live.

You are an “animal lover” when you love, care, and give unconditionally, and when you put them first! And I have met quite a few animal lovers during my time in Jaipur and Pune.

Humans have coerced nature to adapt to them when it should be the other way around. Man-un-kind has brought nature to its knees. Animals continue to suffer unimaginable suffering at the hands of human beings for no fault of theirs.

They have been quite welcoming of us in their habitat. And what do we do, we become occupiers much like the Israel occupation of Palestine. 

Animals have been reduced to “nuisance” and “vermin” and “man-eaters”. I am very curious to know what the animals think of us. I hope I will be able to find out when I complete my animal communication and energy healing training.

What a beautiful world it would be if we could all communicate with each other and express how we-creations of God-feel.

Wait, I am not done yet. I also have had a lot of time to imagine the post-corona world, more like a utopia for animals. 

In my perfect world, Animal Birth Control (ABC) will be decided by the animals themselves. Since they will be free from fear of harm at our hands, there will be no need to coercively spay or neuter them.

Yes, I am personally not in favour of ABC, but I realize its importance in the cruel society that we live in and that for their safety we must “humanely” manage their population.

If humans hated the initiative taken by our former PM Indira Gandhi, where 6.2 million men were sterilized in 1976 alone, what gives us the right to sterilize animals? How humane is forced Human Birth Control?

In my profession, I also deal with a lot of vets and veterinary students. It is heartbreaking to hear from so many of them that they became a vet because they did not score well for medical school. Read that again.

They did not become vets to help animals or because they love animals. Their heart was in medical school. How do you then expect them to save suffering animals when they cannot even feel for them? Animals cannot speak a language we understand.

And so the role of a veterinary doctor is far more challenging than that of a doctor treating humans. I salute vets who became vets because that was their first and only choice.

It is quite a twisted educational system in India that allows you to pick medicine as a profession but offers veterinary medicine as an option that is shoved down your throat if you don’t score well on the entrance exam of the medical school. This is such a disservice to animals.

In my utopia, more vets will be compassionate and will have the welfare of the animal at heart! In my utopia vets just as human doctors will have a choice.

And what is this about cows being sacred in India? Since when does something sacred eat out of a garbage dump? If I were a cow, I would hate to be worshipped if it means I have to be a scavenger.

The vegans would like what I am about to say now- Ever witnessed a cow’s postmortem? I have, and I have seen its stomach full of plastic, metal, broken glass, and other sharp objects.

In short, these are things you throw out into your garbage every day which then find their way on the street and into the tummy of the cow. And wait for it- into your chai and paneer and ghee.

Yes, this is right, what do you expect of the quality of milk from a cow that feeds off your garbage? The blood of this cow that died and the thousands of cows that die is on your hands.

In my utopia, garbage will be segregated and the streets will be clear and the cows all happy like in the Swiss Alps and the Laughing Cow info commercials. In my utopia, nature will prevail. 

But I don’t live in Utopia. I live in a man-made world. If COVID is a way for nature to catch up, then I hope it does what it is here for. If not, then I shall pray for my nature-led utopia to take root soon! Inshallah!

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