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I’ve always been a Rebel with a reason. I had always wanted to break free from things that limit me or bound me. I believe in hard work and passion and my belief and confidence in myself stems from my ability to push my boundaries." says Sakshi.

23 years old Sakshi Shrivas currently lives in Mumbai. Having 3 sisters and Father(R K Vikram) and Mother(Neeta Shrivas) in her family. Everything that she is today is because of her Parents who’ve gone through so much. She is a Software Engineer by profession and a social media influencer and dancer specialising in Bachata Sensual.

How did your journey begin?
I never really knew where to go, to be honest. I just gave my best at what I was doing at that particular moment. And then IIIT Lucknow happened to me. Then this little girl came to Gurgaon, to finally earn for herself, be an adult and feel what it’s like to be independent and free, and since then it’s been a ride of discovering myself.

Share your MTV Splitsvilla experience.
I’m grateful to have gotten an opportunity to show myself to the world and live the little girl's dream I had of seeing myself on TV. It changed me in ways I didn't imagine. It pushed my boundaries because being in a bubble without your phone and any contact with the outside world for a month and facing situations and tasks that are not just physically challenging but also emotionally and mentally draining is not something everyone gets to experience. I met Justin D’ Cruz and he’s one of the most inspiring people I’ve met in my entire life. I’m filled with gratitude and love.

Where do you see yourself after the next 20 years?
I see myself conquering my demons, crossing those little and big milestones, and becoming an enhanced version of myself. Wherever I’ll be, being happy, content and fulfilled is the goal. My goal in my life is to have countless experiences and learnings and give a good life to my family.

What were some of the battles you fought and are still fighting in your journey?
Coming from a place like Jhansi, my parents and I have always heard so much and faced so much for breaking those societal norms. I was asked not to wear certain clothes, not to go to another city, not to talk to men and whatnot. It still happens. But the best and the most important part is that my parents have always been understanding and supportive and that’s the only thing that matters to me. Very often, my achievements in life were associated with how I look and I was bullied in my college for something like this that incident has left scars on me, I was Suicidal. However, incidents like these have made me so strong from the inside that I feel I’m an even stronger version of myself today.

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