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Fearless and Passionate

Muskan Mulchandani, the third runner up of First Miss India Teen 2021 held at Novotel, Goa on Oct 30’21, gets candid about her journey and future aspiration in an exclusive interview with City First!

A fearless and passionate heart with a perfect touch of delicacy is what describes Muskan Mulchandani the best.

The ace woman with a strong mind and a powerful personality, Muskan is all set to spread her magic at the ramp.

The young model shared her journey from wearing the crown to her grand welcome.

How did it feel to wear the crown as one of the finalists of First Miss India Teen?

It felt very magical as my efforts and hardwork paid off. Having a crown on your head is a dream and I was living it.

What was the most challenging thing for you?

As we were competing for the crown so it was a very new and challenging experience for me to carry myself up to the mark on the pageant.

I have learnt the art of presenting myself and tha shaped my personality.

I’m very grateful to First Miss India Teen for these memorable moments.

How was your homecoming?

The crown was a surprise gift to my mom as she was unaware of the fact.

She broke into tears of happiness as soon as she saw me and said and I’m mentioning her exact words (I’m proud of you beta, mene tujhe kabhi kuch nahi sikhaya but tu koi kasar nahi chordti mujhe garv karwake ki).

Her eyes were shined brightly like a star and seeing her happy was my greatest gift.

Among the mentors, what was the best advice that you have kept with you?

For me, a person who enhanced me with purity and love is Aakriti Aanand. A powerful lady with a golden heart.

She has not just trained us to be good models but also painted my soul with the brush of perfection.

  • Fearless and Passionate
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