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Every Time It Rains

Nikita Singh is the best-selling author of nine novels. She is also a contributing writer to ‘The Backbenchers’ series and the editor of the short story collections ‘25 Strokes of Kindness’, & ‘The Turning Point’.

Born in Patna and raised in Indore, Nikita worked as an editor in the publishing world in New Delhi. She now lives in Manhattan and works as a fashion stylist. She received the Live India Young Achiever’s Award in 2013.

Nikita Singh continues to impress with ‘Every Time It Rains’. The book serves as a perfect sequel to ‘Like a Love Song’ in which Maahi was the protagonist. ‘Every Time It Rains’ is Laila’s point of view.

It explores the inner soul and traits of this lonely intriguing character. “We all are a little broken, some more than the others”. It’s a story of every girl who has ever had her heartbroken.

Laila had braved the storm and knew she would be fine in the rain. She’s dedicated to her work and has her friend for support. 

Laila and Maahi have a beautiful relationship of sharing and caring along with working together, aspiring and aiming for big bucks and a bigger name.

They are successfully running their bakery franchise- ‘Cupcakes and Cookies’. They are on the lookout to go national through a tough competition, for which they are putting in their very best. Laila is independent and as happy as she can be. Time and experience have made her hard, taking away her faith in love.

Just then enters JD Jayesh Diwakar, with his cool dude attitude, charming boyish grins, carefree nature. Laila’s world is turned upside down.

She was out in the rain “until he offered her an umbrella and showed her life could be so much more than ‘okay’. They find themselves irrepressibly drawn to each other.

But... can Laila trust him? He is her exact opposite. She finds his charming ways irresistible. When they first meet, he presents her with orange, not flowers, as an expression of love.

The sincerity of his love is disarming. “Just so we are clear on our definition of love. I don’t throw that term around casually. I don’t want anything to do with lukewarm. I want crazy-for-you, will-die-without-you. I don’t want a ‘right now’. I want a lifetime.

And I want it with you. I am all in”.

When JD comes into her life, Laila realizes just how much she was missing a person with whom she could connect. Somebody with whom she wouldn’t have to pretend to be strong all the time.

Somebody to whom she would not feel weak admitting that she is human. But her past brings back haunting, demonic memories. Laila’s mother was abused by her alcoholic husband. 

She herself has been a victim of marital rape. When JD becomes violent with some drunk, rowdy boys, Laila cannot accept it and runs away from his life.

It is Maahi who makes her realize that it’s her own judgmental self who’s making her feel so insecure. JD took the extreme step not to harm anyone, but instead to protect Laila. She realizes that she has to be brave enough to accept the present.

She has to let go of the past. “Life had given her a fresh dream. It was only after she met him that Laila realized that she could be happy. All the time. Just constantly happy. Even when it rained”. 

Nikita has said in one of her book launches “Love stories end on a sad note most of the time. Why not make it positive in this book where we can control it” This is the story of friendship, love, trust and hope. This book is dedicated to those who dare to love again.

  • Every Time It Rains
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