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Born in Faridabad, in a middle-class family, with big dreams. Khem is an ambivert and upfront kind of person and also is multi-talented. He is good at dancing, martial arts, cooking and of course acting. Growing up he used to see working and developed a love towards machines as well. "My parents and even I thought that I'll become an engineer but God wanted me to be somewhere else. To do something extraordinary," said Khem. He is passionate about acting. Observing things and situations is something he enjoys doing and it helps him to improve his acting skills. Khem before acting tried doing different things/works but didn't enjoy them, none of the works satisfied him. One of his friends suggested he try out for acting cause he is good at dancing and good with expressions. It took him some time to consider acting as a profession but he gathered the courage and decided on this life-changing journey of becoming an actor. He got trained in acting at a film school and stepped out to Mumbai in search of work. He said, "Being in Mumbai for around a year I realised that working hard is important to achieve your goals but you also need to be smart".

The narrowminded people were the toughest battle that I fought. They said I won't be getting any work in Bollywood because of my looks, I should try the Nepali film industry instead. It was hard to convince my fam- ily as well cause I don't belong to a very well-to-do family. My achievement was seeing my parents happy and proud of my decision when they saw my first advertisement with Ranbir Kapoor and Manoj Pasha. I have done many TVC & digital ads and a few short films. Apart from acting, I won a staging label in Martial Arts.

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