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Designing History

The fashion industry is currently one of the most influential businesses in the world. Style has become one of the methods for people to show their personalities and set themselves apart from others. Simply said, fashion is the way we wear, style and express ourselves.

It is a worldwide phenomenon with cultural and religious roots with several extremely significant elements, such as trends, fads, buzz, and glamour.

It keeps up with the latest developments and trends so that everyone is prepared for any occasion at any time. City First had a conversation with a Fashion Desiner from Lucknow, who is dedicated to create clothing that rings with history and culture while also being comfortable.

Gaurav Verma, the co-creator of Gaurav & sharma designer wear store. =Tell us a little bit about yourself. Gauravandshama is a female designer wear store established on 23rd June 2019 owned by Gaurav Verma and Shama Parveen . We have persuaded our designing from JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Lucknow.

It is safe to say that it is a true pleasure to be able to design and create clothes that make someone feel confident and safe in their own body. 

What inspires you to create something unique?

The distinctive and exquisite Indian embroidery inspires us, and Indian heritage also provides us with some really enticing colour combinations.

We also take our needlework patterns from the historical structures, creating a perfect blend of history and design.

Who has been your role model/biggest source of inspiration?

As a Fashion Designer, one of our prime responsibilities is to create clothing for individuals that they would enjoy wearing.

Whether it’s a mass-produced or custom-made suit, we have a prototype and are happy to create something that our client would love. =What message you’d like to give to the coming generation

who look up to coming to the field of fashion?

As a Fashion Designer we would like to apprise the coming generations in fashion industry that fashion is not as easy and fun as it looks from the outside besides each day in fashion industry needs tremendous amount hard work and you need to take out the best from the worst.

You also need provide people with the best yet in best price. A lot hard work is required along with the smart work.

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