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Every now and then, an internet trend is born that we’re simply enthralled by. When it comes to fashion especially, trends are always emerging. While they might be hard to keep up with, there’s one in particular that we’ve been obsessed with lately and it is none other than the dreamy cloud-inspired fashion trend.

Moreover, clouds are becoming more popular in pop culture, especially among Millennials who are drawn to this style. Taste makers on social media have argued that clouds bring back memories of our innocent childhood. Not only this but make-up artists also today are having fun creating “cloud art” for the nails and eyes in the beauty industry. On social media, hashtags like #cloudnails, #cloudeyeshadow, and #cloudmakeup are trending, attesting to an upsurge in imagination and inventiveness. The daring, avant-garde makeup looks developed for the wellliked American TV show “Euphoria” are largely responsible for the new style. The latter highlights the uniqueness of a younger age that appreciates unrestrained, unabashed self-expression and serves as inspiration for several runways.

This exquisite fashion gives relaxation to the eyes with its soothing hue which is the best choice for summer clothing.
The “puffy” style has taken over our social media feeds in everything from dresses and jackets to headbands and shorts and we can’t get enough of it. The mesmerizing fashion holds the ability to uplift your mood and make you the talk of the town. Wear a blue cloud print top with a white skater skirt and white sneakers to add the cherry on the top wear cloud theme earrings and bracelets with a white cloud bag.

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