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I believe that dance is the oldest, noblest and most cogent of the arts. It is the most perfect symbol of the activity of God and His angels. On the occasion of World’s Dance Day, City First brings to you the inspiring journey of a classical Kathak dancer and choreographer, Veena Joshi.

  • What is dance to you?

Dance is my life, my love and my strength, without dance my life is incomplete. It is my strength, I have been able to learn the meaning of life with the help of dance.

  • What are the most important traits a dancer should have?

According to me, dedication, devotion and love are the most important traits for a dancer and also that a dancer should make the dance his or her first priority.

  • A performer is struggling to learn the routine. How do you proceed?

In today’s time it happens to a lot of dancers due to things that divert our minds that is why some dancers struggle to learn his or her new routine. According to my understanding to proceed the new routine we need to focus on our priorities first.

  • What’s your greatest strength as a dancer?

When I was young, my mother sent me to a classical dance class and at that time i didn’t know what dancing is, but I realised that there are shortcuts to happiness and for me dancing is one of them. After that I found about Late Pt Birju Maharaj and at that time, there wasn’t Internet, so I watched his magical dancing postures on TV and newspapers which somehow inspired me and I swore to meet him one day.

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