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Bhasker is one of the few actors who has been extremely busy during the pandemic with a string of projects on OTT platforms after four years of her last big screen release, Veere Di Wedding, a coming-of-age story of four female friends, the actress will be back in theatres with Jahaan Chaar Yaar, which, interestingly, is also a female-led film. Speaking in an exclusive conversation with Ashish Tiwari the actress shared her thoughts on criticism, boycotting Bollywood and more. She’s been one of the most fierce and vocal actresses one has ever seen speaking on that she said, “I have grown up in an environment where my parents have given me the freedom to express myself and where critical thinking was always encouraged. I feel what I speak and I believe in whatever I say. So when one speaks what they feel they are bound to criticism. But at the same time, I feel since it’s my opinion to look at the world the way I want to I will not back out from my opinion. People have become intolerant today. But I believe it a phase and this too shall pass”

She also opened up on how are opinions affected her career, she said, “People have told me “Achi actress ho bolti kyun ho” so the industry has this tendency where they only want the actresses to act and look good on screen while they shouldn’t be heard. I believe to perform a particular character its very important to know and understand the practicality” When asked if she regrets anything she said, “When I look back I don’t feel the need to change anything at all. I feel it's all connected. Because if I had to change anything I’ll not be the same person anymore. I wouldn’t be the Swara I am today” She added, “I have always maintained decency in my opinion have never crossed the line. My opinions are bound by the culture and our constitutional rights. I stand up for the right things. I believe people who use our deity’s name just for the sake of political agendas shouldn’t be the one’s dictating their philosophy”

The actress feels that there is a deliberate attempt at hyping the flops and sidelining the hits. "This is like whipping up a mass negative hysteria, In the last eight months, three to four Hindi films have been legitimate box office successes — Gangubai Kathiawadi, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, Jugjugg Jeeyo... why aren't we talking about that, why are we hyping the flops so much? Had there not been flops before? Why are we hyping only these two flops of the year – Laal Singh Chaddha and Raksha Bandhan? Aamir (Khan) and Akshay (Kumar), both have had flops in their career before, Bollywood has had flops before, so what is the big deal here? What is the agenda? In the last eight months since theatre occupancy opened up completely, every two months, Bollywood has given one big hit which means people are still watching films," she reasons.

Speaking about movies failing at the box office she said, “If your movie can touch the heart of the audience all kinds of movies can work. There will always be a scope for better content. There have been multiple false narratives around Bollywood now and it’s been targeted for no reason. Society has changed in a negative way Bollywood has always been the same.” Speaking on the South vs Bollywood Debate she said, “Nobody targets the south Industry neither their personal lives nor choices are made public. This boycott gang is restricted to Bollywood and its stars for their own political or personal agenda which is very unfair. Bollywood as an industry feeds 1000 people daily. Provides jobs to people only on the basis of their skills and arts. I don’t understand what good will happen if one boycotts Bollywood”

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