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After mesmerising the audience with the energetic song Jungle Mein Kaand, Bhediya costars Kriti Sanon and Varun Dhawan gave some glimpse of their Magical chemistry in real life in the press conference held at Jaipur Marriott Hotel on Saturday.

Every child has a dream to live like a werewolf or a superhero, as currently, you are living that dream. What was your reaction when you read the script?
I was very happy when I got to read this script, indeed it is my dream role and without wasting a single minute my inner actor jumped like a Bhediya to get this role, I wanted to feel this Bhediya's every emotion and for that I had taken many animals- inspired exercises, to build a body like a pro werewolf.

How did you guys prepare yourself for this energetic supernatural movie?
This movie is different from all our previous releases and we have invested our Blood, Sweat and Tears in this extremely precious movie of ours. I had taken advanced exercises to get that strong physique like Bhediya whereas Kriti had also experimented with her looks.

Did you get inspiration from the movie JUNOON?
Yes, you can say that, I used to watch that movie a lot and it's a matter of pride that we have such great movies through which we can take inspiration.

What is the message you learnt from the movie?
Through this movie, we are trying to educate people that all animals and humans are equally important and we need to respect each other's existence. We need to protect our environment so all of us can live together happily.

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